the mrbrown show: Singapore 300

300 trailer (singaporean army style)...
men, tonight we dead in hell
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Don't ask me again laaaa...Heroes will only return 23 April
Click above pix to see the trailer in NBC
Long wait dudes~~

XMM 16 months (19-March-2007)

mister tay is now 16th months of age, 2 more months and he will be going to a nursery which his mom say will improve his PR skills with the other kids nowadays also very young have to start PR already..headache :P

new stuff :)

just bought a new 47"LCD TV (philip brand), the sales rep. says it was a special promotion with their store (best denki, SGD$4,+++), the pixel plus2 HD & active control also enhances normal broadcast signal to almost HD quality, can't wait for Hi-Def signal to be official release other than stupid StaXXXB with 2 miserable HD channels.
Overall, quite satisfactory after plug-in my dvd player and xbox360 with HD dvd player.
Now i can clearly see stephen chow's pimples... :P
over and out, moo (tech review)