korean madness~~!! this guy (ROVO_JIN) is really good

This guy is really good!!! These are really 1/6 action figures?!! I am speechless.
Why i don't have this kind of korean buddies? :P
Checkout his blog HERE

Click the below image for those fine details

Check your previous life character *Fun*

This is an article i found in today's chinese "SIN MIN" papers.
It show you how to check who you were in your previous life. Interesting? wahaha...have fun.

Step 1. Convert your English Birthday Date here:

Step 2. Choose the date under the column: Chinese Date of Your Birthday

Step 3. Find the character by matching your Chinese Date in the below image:

Step 4. Match the chinese character you've found above to match the characters below:

When there's good new, there's always a bad one~~!! SG tak boleh~!!

Singapore says suspected JI leader escaped from toilet
SINGAPORE - A "security lapse" led to the escape of the leader of the city-state's wing of the Islamic militant network, Jemaah Islamiah , Singapore said on Thursday.
Wong Kan Seng, Singapore's minister for home affairs, told members of parliament that Mas Selamat bin Kastari escaped from the toilet of a police detention facility, in the middle of a posh residential area, on Wednesday a
fternoon. Acknowledging that the security lapse "should have never happened", Wong said everything was being done to arrest Kastari.
(Above article extracted from

(More News Feed & Image below from BBC News)

Singapore hunts escaped suspect
The suspected leader of the Islamist militant group Jemaah Islamiah in Singapore has escaped from jail there, the authorities say.

A huge manhunt is underway to find Mas Selamat Kastari, according to the home affairs ministry.

He's accused of planning attacks on official buildings and foreign targets in Singapore as well as Changi airport.

Kastari has been in detention since 2006 under Singapore's Internal Security Act.

Kastari was first arrested and imprisoned for immigration offences in Indonesia in 2003 after reportedly going on the run from the Singaporean authorities. He was extradited to Singapore three years later.

Old news but still good news~~!! SG Boleh~!!

Seven Candidate Cities took part in a candidature process that started in August 2007: Athens (Greece), Bangkok (Thailand), Debrecen (Hungary), Guatemala City (Guatemala), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Moscow (Russian Federation), Poznan (Poland), Singapore (Singapore) and Turin (Italy).

On 21 Feb, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that Singapore will host the first Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010. The result was unveiled by the IOC President, Jacques Rogge, at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Singapore beat Moscow in the final by 53 votes to 44.

Extracted from Press Release HERE


Speech by PM Lee

Indiana Jones 12-inch Figures (Sideshow)

I still think there's much more room for improvement.
Something/authentic likeness still missing on the face sculpt, i can't relate it as Harrison Ford...
Well, it's just my humble opinion and rather subjective though, other collectors might think otherwise.

More pix and ordering info from sideshow HERE

snapshots of ANYTHING

Just wanted to clear some memory space off my N95 8gb phone....so here they're...snapshots of some images which i've no idea why i took them :P

books i read > taking grandpa advice...

got this book 4 years ago, until i saw it again at my in-law house last week.
hmmm...no wonder i can't find it...i lent it to my wife 2 years ago...bet she still haven't finished it...hahaha.....anyway, am reading this book for the 4th time....
sorry he's not my grandpa..(i wished) but i do standby his life philosophy, it does reminds me of an old folk saying? 不听老人言,吃亏在眼前 :P

Anyway, i recommend to alike readers, after reading this i bet you know how to
(1) build your character
(2) hone the way u handle things
(3) make you a better or successful person whether in business, personality and social life

Book Cover

Back Cover

Extracted from page 244

the mrbrown show: 2 Many 2 Count - ERP Drift

Really, i laff my pant off~~
Listen the mp3 HERE

2 Many 2 Count - ERP Drift lyrics

I wonder if you know,
How they live in Ang Mo Kio
Go to city many gantry
Can't afford your speed too low
Fast and furious! (Kena!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Slow is dangerous (Aiyah!) (beep! beep! beep!)

I wonder if you know,
How they live in Toa Payoh
Please lah tolong, only Lorong
Not Expressway also tio!
Fast and furious! (Kena!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Spread like virius! (Aiyah!) (beep! beep! beep!)

Many many taxes danglin
ERP now is randomin
Keep your speed 'bove 45
Or everybody Cashcard won't survive!
Suka suka ERP on
Happy happy gantry can born
16 new ways to gope your lui
See already want to pui!

Gahmen say take MRT
Cos car is only luxury
Build the road for Fellari
Normal car will up lorry
Ji Pa Ban (uh!), Ichiban (uh)
No million dollars you Lan Lan
CTE is the place to be
Singapore road for VIP

I wonder if you know,
How they live in Ang Mo Kio
Reach work early, at 5.30
Spend three hours drink teh-o
Can't be seraious! (wah lau!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Live like vampires (ouch!) (beep! beep! beep!)

I wonder if you know,
Where the gantry never grow
Where the lorry Never worry
Travel freely where you go
Pulau Bukom! (Don't have!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Pulau Tekong (Huat ah!) (beep! beep! beep!)