I am a PartyMan..whoohoo...jumping like a small boy again

Now this Batman (1989) MTV will be rocking in my favorite playlist till next year March 2012 .

[coming soon] DX09 - Batman: 1/6th scale Batman Collectible Figure

Most Impressive~!!!
It's been a long wait...at last!!!

[coming soon] Hot Toys Classic 12inch Tim Burton's Batman-Joker

Just released, hot off the press today~!!
Official photos are out!!
(via HT fb)
The Joker Collectible Figures from the Batman series have been receiving high accolade in the collectible market. Amid much expectation, Hot Toys again steps its foot into the Batman series, presenting the long-awaited DX Joker Collectible Figure from the Batman movie directed by Tim Burton in 1989 with the likeness firstly granted by renowned actor Jack Nicholson for developing the 1/6th collectible figure.

[STGCC 2011] My only loot: Hot Toys Toy Fair Exclusive-Predator 2-Shadow Predator

Go Hot Toys Booth, sure wallet itchy right?
I think most HT collectors really enjoyed themselves this year, especially myself.
For a fraction of $10 entry, you don't have to fly over US or HK to gain the full access to their latest prototype display and exclusive. I wasn't expecting to get any HT ToyFair Exclusive as we all know how crazy the queue is.

This is the only exclusive available on the last day, so anything is better than nothing right? :P

[STGCC 2011] [digirama] Hot Toys ALIENS custom diorama

Hand itchy yesterday, so i did a quick digirama.
First, i use Photoshop CS5 to adjust the sharpness, level and "clone stamp" to clone the background. And then, Iphone App "LensFlare" to create the lighting.
Took less than 15mins, quite fast hehehe :P

(LEFT) Here's the Original photo i took in Hot Toys Booth in STGCC 2011

[STGCC 2011] more videos of 21-Aug Hot Toys@STGCC 2011

Here are some more videos I've edited, it's not the comprehensive type but only those i personally like and think it's worth to lookout.

12inch Superman-Hot Toys@STGCC 2011

12inch Tim Burton's BATMAN series-Hot Toys@STGCC 2011

12inch Captain America-Hot Toys@STGCC 2011

For photos of the Hot Toys Booth, you may also check out my Flickr Set HERE

[STGCC 2011] 21-Aug Hot Toys@STGCC 2011

Here's my quick trailer of visiting Hot Toys booth in STGCC 2011 on the 21-Aug.
Am still compiling some highlights of the prototype display this year, so stay tune for more updates.