prison break from some sushi bar, this lucky (tako + crab) ahemm, i mean davy jones finally land on hand. It's so fresh and slimy that you can still smell the rubber when its out of the box. Other than the hated, wire-twisted box design, this i hope completes my collection of 12" pirates from hottoys. Nothing to complain, its a rating 4/5 from moi :)

flickr more? click below

some stickers are best left in the bedroom

just saw this car near my house this afternoon, errrr....its not i detest doraemon or anything (actually he's my favorite childhood character), but really, some stickers are best pasted in your own house and not your vehicles. How i wished SG allow those "pimp my ride" car boutique as seen on MTV channel :P

4mins of footage from THE INCREDIBLE HULK (2008)

The Incredible Hulk (2008) 'Confrontation' HD QUALITY

The Incredible Hulk (2008) 'Hulk Transformation' HD QUALITY

The Incredible Hulk (2008) 'Hulk vs Blonsky' HD QUALITY

The Incredible Hulk (2008) 'Under Siege' Clip

The Incredible Hulk (2008) 'Street Fight' HD QUALITY

hottoys - M-icon 001 - 12" Cowboy, James Dean

hmm...the face is not 100% accurate likeness but its a worthy pcs of collection compared to some other brand. Hot Toys is constantly improving and giving us a lot of surprises, so i am sure the next in line will be worth collecting as well.
My rating 4/5

new box design with emboss metal tag...nice and classy

yozz..old dean, why your face so black...hahaha...relax bro, there's always a new & better version.

more photos at my flickr, click below:

muxtape: Danny Elfman Batman Theme Reprises

This has got to be the best original Batman theme that the fans remembered. (one of my fav as well)
Best score and credit to Danny Elfman, who is famous for composing scores and songs for Tim Burton's films.

general XMM visits the goat farm on 25-may

Early sunday morning, spring cleaning done for the arrival of general XMM

Inspection in progress

spot checking quality rations were distributed

general xmm ensuring the product is good for distribution

more general xmm inspection in my flickr, click below:

Hot Toys rulez with TDK 1/6 vehicles

(image from toyforum)
Just when you were still amazed at their released images of 12"joker, Hottoys BAMS you with their latest TDK 1/6 vehicles..OMG...BUY BUY BUY :P Height is 20cm, not to mention the length of it...OMG dont BUY dont BUY, no place to display, but it can lightup manzzz~~sob sob...i think i have to flip a coin to decide...

updated toys display/collection (24 May 2008)

This Column - Star Wars Collection updates
added medicom shadow stormtrooper, boba fett & jango fett and lastly my 1st sideshow 12inch figure: Obi-Wan Kenobi,

added here is medicom darth mual & shock trooper

coming soon: The Clone Wars

Coming soon to Singapore 28 August

updated toys display/collection (23 May 2008)

This Column - Kamen Rider Collection updates
added RAH Old No.1 version 3, The Next no.1 & V3

added Hibiki, Kabuto & Dark Kabuto

added SOC DX & normal version Reideen, Chogokin Panda Z and lastly SOC tamashii exclusive mazinger Z

added SOC godmarz, fewture mazinger & mazinger Z

to be continued...

updated toys display/collection (22 May 2008)

cos' I am too busy (*lazy) to shoot individually, so here an updated overall look of my latest collection on display now

This column are mainly Hot Toys collections

to be continued...
hmmm...now, where's my trusty hat & whip that i am supposed to bring to the movie tonight? guess?!...LOLZ

Iron Man's Adventures

(comic alliance)
This cool Iron Man cartoon over at the new site Marvelkids.com looks to be the first of three CGI cartoons by ULTIMATE ALLIANCE animators Blur Studios. In their website, there's also several animations & cinematics they've worked on, so drop by and take a look at their reel.

This animation rocks, really nicely done up though (hopefully) it will take few year (or ages *sigh) for us to see them crossover in a big epic marvel movie. Meantime, we have this animation to quench our thirst. Enjoy~~!!

mounting my latest Dark Knight posters

just bought these original US batman posters at popcornpop last night...(singing) can't get my eyes off you~~*thumbs up

The Dark Knight - yea yea..coming soon to a house near you

Batman Begins - ooo...this is one of my favorite version, it's got the alex ross feel

Hot Toys 1/6 The Dark Knight -BATMAN & JOKER

Hot Toys finally released 1/6 "The Dark Knight" prototype pixs.
Click below to open my relevant flickr album set:

The Batman (original costume from "Batman Begins")

The Joker (from "The Dark Knight")

Words to fellow collectors/buddies: BUY BUY BUY~~!!!

First 7 Minutes of SPEED RACER

Enjoy real-live action anime/manga. I loved it though it can be quite draggy, my ratings 4/5
Check out the opening sequence of the SPEED RACER motion picture, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. SPEED RACER is ©2008 Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers MOVIE

Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers
(大決戦!超ウルトラ8兄弟) is the latest Ultraman theatrical feature, due for release in September 2008. The stage is Yokohama and this story is parallel universe.

Hiroshi Nagano of V6 will return to play Daigo Madoka, the human alter-ego of Ultraman Tiga, and will join Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Mebius, and four of the original Ultra Brothers; Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack, and Ultraman Ace.

It will be the sole theatrical film by the Ultra Series TV director Takeshi Yagi since he retired from the Ultra Series as of January 2008.


Hot Toys 1/6 The Dark Knight Exclusive 1st Look

A Figures.com Exclusive FIRST LOOK!

Hot Toys will be releasing numerous figures and collectibles based on The Dark Knight, the forthcoming sequel to the fan-favorite 2005 film Batman Begins. Now, we're proud to show fans the first images of two of the new Movie Masterpiece Series 1:6 scale figures based on the film: The Dark Knight (Original Costume) Batman (above) and The Dark Knight Joker (below)...

Both figures accurately capture each character in perfect 1:6 scale, standing approximately 12" tall, and featuring over 32 points of articulation thanks to the Hot Toys "True Type" action figure body, which allows each figure to assume the poses seen in the film.

Batman's headsculpt and the original Bat-suit have been newly developed for The Dark Knight release and fit the "True Type" body perfectly while the highly realistic head sculpture and paint applications on The Joker feature his cold stare, evil intent and remarkable painted face and scars.

books i read > 古天乐-玩具大战 (louis koo book > toys battle)

Preparation for 2 years, HK actor Louis Koo finally published his toy's collection book/novel "TOYS BATTLE"in March 2008. As a avid 1:1 replica StarWars and toys collector, louis's book also adapted his favorite manga/movie character with regards to the ever changing world and life around him. As noted, the sales profit of his book will be donated to UNICEF (The United Nations Children's Fund)


Book Cover


Overall, his 1:1 collection & display is tasteful & amazing, i trust it's any toy collector's dream :P
Anyway, this book came as a surprise while browsing Commercial Press bookshop at THE CATHAY last evening before watching Speedracer. Was quite skeptical that it might be another idol photo book but instead impressed by his thoughts & writing. So, it's quite a good read.
Below is a short video regarding his new book, enjoy...