Prep for tokyo trip 12th May

Thanks to all the bros for helping me getting organized for my 7 nights Tokyo holiday this coming May.
Bros credit as follows:
Roy (endless rumbles)
Shaun (fortress of testicular fortitude)
Mike (mikey lalaland)
the wonderful guys from The Falcon's Hangar

Am almost firm/settled on the itinerary since it's going to be a free and easy trip with my wife...more or less i will get lost and make a lot of hit and misses :P..sounds exciting right?
hahaha...and i will try blog LIVE and facebooked about do stay tuned :P

I am so excited that i can't sleep at night hahaha...maybe this round i will bring my faithful R2 along as well...below are my weapons to conquer Nippon :P

(youtube) FATMAN goes la kopi

Here's a quick editing out of leisure for my la kopi session this early morning...hahaha enjoy

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Awesome Star Wars Papercraft Models

Papercraft is for free~~...Papercraft is for you and me~~!! Get down and make these free paper model of starwars now....why? cos' it's fun and not many things are free nowadays :P

Food glorious food~~yummys in my flicker set

Can't imagines there's so many food in my body for the past 2-3 years :P
All these food photos in my flicker really brings back good memories...just like a famous food blogger says "Never waste your calories on yucky food"

Everybody goes to Japan in April

Seems like everyone i know went to Japan in April, the cherry blossom so nice to see huh (makes people cheery?) That includes my younger brother as well. He got me one of this miniature tokyo tower, maybe i can display with my capsule GODZILLA in my toy display?!! hahaha Anything better than nothing i guess (my slogan)...geez..i think i need to get my ass there for holiday next year April :P

fancy stalking the making of IRONMAN 2? get twitter :P

Jon Favreau (director of IRONMAN 2) has been updating his Twitter account from the set since filming day I know there's some IM fans who loved to stalk his film making process...have fun twittering:P

Click below image to get to Jon's Twitter page

and this is MINE wahahaha