Debating which TDK version you like? Hottoys? Medicom?

This debates is hot in the forum, which TDK is a better version? HT Batman TDK out in Oct 2008, Medicom TDK to be release in 2009 April. (IMHO) Both version are not movie accurate. Medicom material are better, HT have better's so hard to $? buy both la :P

Xbox360> Gear Of War 2 (Coming Soon)

This is a good game worth getting a new Xbox360?!!...damnit
Coming Soon 7th Nov 2008 !!
GOW2 trailer

Gameplay movie 1

2008 F1 Singapore GP (day three) - Grand Final - Alonso WON~!

Around 8pm at Jurong West coffeeshop, all eyes on the tv

Managed to race home to catch the last few lap around 930pm

We've got a winner for SG 1st F1 GP

Renault's Fernando Alonso marks the 1st in F1 historic night race held in SG

PS3 > Star Wars:The Force Unleashed today in SG + full game cinematic

(latest update: 28-Sept-2008)
Compiled this 6 part cinematic from youtube (including alternate ending when you choose the darkside),let the below playlist run and you will be able to experience the full movie plot for this game. (est: 60mins) IMHO, i feel that this game movie is much better than the recent 3D animated Clone War :P

Overall, (IMHO) I think it's the best Star Wars game so far for fans. The graphics, cinematic, sound and gameplay makes you feels like you're in the movie.

I LOVES it when they use the actual movie opening...that's SW IMPACT~!! Recent 3D animated Clone Wars movie didn't, so it's abit disappointing for me.

There's definitely some flaws in this game e.g. slow loading and intense action sequence will tend to stagger abit but it's doesn't really affect the overall "movie-like" experience.My rating for this game is 4/5 for fans alike :P

Below is my own 8 mins "crappy-edited"  lousy gameplay for the opening :P
Will definitely play it again to improve my skills & unleashed more special moves.

For the game opening, you get to control Darth Vader, Damn "SONG" plus...Darth Vader knows 龟波气功!! (dunno how to inteprete that in english but what the heck)  
It's damn funny but shiok~!! :P

Plot spoiler, if you want a brief summary of this game

XMM snapshots pt 2 "Beautiful Colors"

This is 2nd series of photography works taken by Mr. Tay Jun Long (aka XMM) last weekend after i teach him what is called "beautiful" colors.

2008 F1 Singapore GP (day one) - Practise Day - Rainy

As per Chinese saying, early morning rain represents "Huat Ah" (aka success + prosperity). I am 101% a car person, really~~
(a) the most car i frequent is either Taxi (last time before the price raise) and they are my GP driver when i am in a hurry..HAH
(b) i know what a lamborgini looks like cos' got many ASK or dunno whose son buy a lot here and  drive thru' orchard road very fast maichiam like GP quite often in SG nowadays
(c) i am a walking-living GPRS in my wife's car :P

Thanks to recent influences, we Singaporean gets to know more about F1 & GP drivers during our kopi session (tea time), even ah pek (uncles) know who is Lewis Hamilton and McLaren through SG POOL...damn classy...i am pretty sure either one of these famous drivers are getting a lot of "blessings" from us during their night race (1st in F1 history)...don't win, there's sure many curses...Well, please try to understand the "kind" intention of Gahmen, the world is changing, if we don't do it, we cannot stay on the TOP and help the citizens make more money in this "emerging world" (see yahoo news), so try not to throw all your CPF on this ok? If not, the withdrawal limit will change again to 100 years old. And i don't want to work in Mcdonald's when i am going to retire lah.

Anyway, just my cloudy and lazy F1 thought waking up this rainy morning. Feeling too lazy today, going back to sleep again, gotto work at 10am so that leaves me another hour to laze in bed. Here's the latest Italy F1 GP clip to accompany me in my dreams.

SIN Super Import Night (18-21 Sept) @ SG EXPO

Toystory aside, time for some eye-refreshment.
Damnit, hopefully this event will be back next year, i will definitely reschedule my babysitting dates...hahaha :P
(thanks to Touch Your Heart Imaging for permission to use his photos)

for more
Touch Your Heart Imaging photos click below:

Still here? Can't get enough? Here's a few more babes to google @ and the forum you can check it out :P

Japan's Mcdonald TV CM

Found these interesting Mc's TVC from Japan, the title i created myself just for fun. Enjoy.

McDonald's Daughter

McDonald's Son

McDonald's Grand Daughter

Hottoys 12inch Batman-TDK version remake (coming soon)

Can't hardly wait to collect this TDK version, due to release end Sept in HK, i guess SG will get ours in Oct. Just a quick note that HT has made significant improvement based on their previous prototype so the ones we are receiving (paying) will be this final version (with the new Bruce Wayne head sculpt).

dvd review: 第一诫 (Rule Number One)

There's quite a few bad review on this, i for once doesn't agree.
Having seen several ghost related movies so far, i would say this script is really good (not perfect) It's not always black & white but gray (e.g. Infernal Affairs) in the real world...hahaha. Unexpected pro-cinematography, grading and editing from Shaw (HK) Production (i think). If you didn't know that the movie director is Kelvin Tong from Singapore, you might thought that this movie was directed by a famous HK director.
I think the plot is quite similar to previous aaron kwok's "C+ Detective", which was shot in Thailand but i prefer this story and ending better. It's not your typical Pang's brothers, "The Ring" or ghostbuster movies but a good detective catch "thief" story. If you watch it in this perspective then maybe you might feel good about it? Go catch it on DVD out when you are free.

P.S. This movie poster really suck!! (IMHO)

12inch figure Stop Motion Video

Really hope i got the time to do what these dudes has done before i die~~!!..Ultra-Cool...check it out :P

18inch Mezcotoyz Hellboy 2 - part 3 Suit up

the grand finale for this figure

18inch Mezcotoyz Hellboy 2 - part 2 BLACK long sleeve

Here's part 2, his secondary outfit (black long sleeve)
Nice cotton long tees with red ring round the collar, very nice touch there.

tight fitting is good, shows off the bodyline, tilt the head upwards and move the chest back...the michael bay's fav signature shot "Armageddon" look~~

"you talking to me...?"

"Right Hand of DOOM"

more pix in my flickr album

18inch Mezcotoyz Hellboy 2 - part 1 almost NAKED

This is 18inch coolness from Mezco and it's my 1st figure from them as well. Got it 2 weeks ago and wasn't free to take photos. Why i buy it?! Because i like it Huge!! Just like 12inch but bigger with very fine details, articulation and clothes.
This figure has 3-in-1 look so i guess i will take 3 parts to finish shooting :P
Here's Part 1: almost NAKED

Size comparison with the 12inch dudes

I love opening a new toys with surprises. And this one really surprises me.

Initial toys comes wearing his coat and a black long sleeve but i was tempted to take it off. Just to see if Mezco is lazy about their production. To my amazement, they didn't~~
The entire body is textured and tatoo as seen in the movie...Plus+

There's estimated 12points of articulation with exception to the lower part of the body, knees & feet (due to the heavy weight),  articulated knee might not be able to maintain and hold it's pose. So, i guess it's a good move.

Excellent likeness (thou i prefer the "cigar-smoking" version), bendable tails!! another plus++ .

more photos in my flicker album
to be continued...soon

HOT TOYS - M ICON SERIES - MIS06 - Michael Jackson (Billie Jean/ History Tour version) collectible figure

Think i will pass this MJ figure in the upcoming M-icon (or see the actual product 1st before committing), but the newly improved nude figure looks good to me. Not so muscular and broad shoulder finally.

This MJ head and looks doesn't appeals to me, at this moment :P
The hat looks funny as well (but that's just me) MJ fans might differs.

More pix over at MEDIWORLD forum

The new slim version is great because not all human figures has "ARMY-like" bodies. I think HT makes a good move on this body proportions at long last.