HOT TOYS - M ICON SERIES - MIS06 - Michael Jackson (Billie Jean/ History Tour version) collectible figure

Think i will pass this MJ figure in the upcoming M-icon (or see the actual product 1st before committing), but the newly improved nude figure looks good to me. Not so muscular and broad shoulder finally.

This MJ head and looks doesn't appeals to me, at this moment :P
The hat looks funny as well (but that's just me) MJ fans might differs.

More pix over at MEDIWORLD forum

The new slim version is great because not all human figures has "ARMY-like" bodies. I think HT makes a good move on this body proportions at long last.


Kenny said...

I think he looks more chimpanzee than human.

kenmoo said...

maybe can treat it as the 12inch early development for Planet of the Apes? :P