Transformers: The Game - "Cinematic Intro"

This is just the game intro, can't wait for the actual movie tonight finally..yea~~!!
"Men~tonight, we transform in hell~~!!"

dinner before transformer

Had our dinner before the show starts at 10pm.
Drop by this Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (新旺香港茶餐厅) at Cathay Cineleisure...errr..cant remember which floor, should be 2 or 3 lah.

Very crowded but if not a big group is ok. Seats were damn cramp, decors are ok.

Order their Iced Lemon Tea to try, they didnt follow HK lemon tea though, should have crush ice, tea taste was quite close...but MUST put MORE crush ice and more lemon lah.

Wanton noodles was ok, but MUST put more meat in your wanton lah.

Lastly, order their chef recommendation Mango Ice...haiz...must have real Big chunks of fresh Mango lah, harlo boss, need to bring our own mangoes isit?!!...

See below Taiwan Mango Ice if you don't get know or never see a truly great Mango Ice before...

Overall, to my taste bud rating 1/5 only...considering the high price est min. $15 per pax and the food taste is not same as HK or Taiwan.
Anyway, it's much cheaper than having dinner at Golden Village Transformer Gold Class exclusive dinner promotion at $100/pax!!!!

Hot Toys 12inch Rambo 3

got this new hottoys figure from actioncity at plaza singapura.
likeness is almost there but the articulate suxz..not to mention the muscle might melt or tear anytime. Overall rating is 6/10 though others might differ, but to me playable is still important as well.

more of bruce yesss!!!

with bruce around, i can't stop my fingers from snapping. yeah baby yeah~!! gimme the look, the pores, the it to me baby~~!! yea~~!! thanks mike for the wonderful tips on some new techniques in order to make these shot gorgeous ~~yea baby~yea!!

Enterbay 12" Bruce Lee - The Way of The Dragon

Definately the best with good articulation for posing as usual. This is a good figure model to take photo with because the figure is damn realistic so no matter how you pose and shoot...every angle is damn chio!!!...maichiam working with a professional model, wont vomit blood...coolzzzz

playing with enterbay bruce #2 - the way of the dragon

Excellent masterpiece from enterbay again. Easy to remove and store back the figure. My figure # is WOD-2372, completely different form #1, now the eyes can rotate on its own without changing. A Plus~~!!

This figure comes with a photo album shot in Italy in postcard form with hardpaper and cover.
Heard there's limited print for this album, dont know if it's true...but anyway, it's nice.
Overall rating is 100% 5/5..MUST BUY LAH!!!

Indiana Jones in 2008

Photo by Steven Spielberg

Below article extracted from

"For the first time since 1989, Harrison Ford dons the familiar costume on Thursday, June 21, 2007, as the upcoming Indiana Jones adventure begins production under the direction of Steven Spielberg. The new Indiana Jones movie is set in the 1950s and stars Shia LaBeouf, Cate Blanchett, John Hurt, Ray Winstone and Jim Broadbent. The Lucasfilm Ltd. production will be released by Paramount Pictures worldwide on May 22, 2008."

Moo> hmmm...why do i smell a whole new series of indiana jones toys and related mechandise is coming in 2008?

BM Kamen Rider the First no1 & 2 (thanks jimi)

Belated thanks to Jimi from Taiwan who help me to get these 2 figure at the best price.
Thanks bro~~!!!

Medicom DX2006 12inch Kamen Rider old no.2 & Hakaider

Yeah~!! Yeah~!! my amazon japan orders finally arrived this morning.

From ordering>payment>shipping took about 12 days including the weekends.
Good packaging & the box are still mint in condition. Missed these 2 figures when they were out for awhile and thought will never be able to find them liao...lucky amazon japan still got stock left,:P

Including shipping,
"Real Action Heroes DX 仮面ライダー旧2号 Ver.2.0 RAH-288"
cost S$178.00

"Real Action Heroes DX 人造人間ハカイダー"Haikaider
cost S$169.00

So for those who wants to get them as well, go to amazon japan while stock last.
Now have to shelve them for awhile and find time to play with these 2 gorgeous figures later.

Gokin Collection-Kamen Rider Kuuga

GOKIN Collection HYPER HERO series 2-Kamen Rider Kuuga

GOKIN Collection HYPER HERO series 2
Got it last year 2006, height is 200mm, open last night for fun and make a mess out of it...hahaha that's why toys should'nt be model kit though it has cool highly articulated stainless metal body. But, still don't like to DIY lah...too it's messy all over and I have to try finish it to see if it looks good.

Den-O figure

Bought this 4-in-one Den-O plastic figure from OG bugis as well, was curious how it can transform into 4 different character. Transformation was easy but the material is too plastic..finishing not very rating is only 2/5 for this pcs.

playing DX Den-O Belt

Bought this at OG bugis out of boredom, not as fun as Kabuto belts though.
Waiting for my Gatack DX belt from thailand, can't wait to play with it soon.
My rating for this is 3/5 (see my video below)

Transformers Audition Tapes



The Super Inframan (中国超人)

hahaha...was trashing some of my old vcds and found this classic Inframan movie (中国超人), starring Danny Lee (aka 李修贤) Remember seeing this movie during my childhood in Jurong Shaw cinemas...memory lane this is a keeper.It's produced in HK when Kamen Rider and Ultraman was the IN thingy in 1980s, so they made this superhero movie wanna-be.
The original audio recorded in the movie is in Mandarin, I only managed to find the cantonese trailer in YouTube. Enjoy!!

playing with DX Kaubto Zector Belt

Found this in Taiwan toyshop too..have been searching for awhile...finally got it.
Box is not so mint but what the heck..i just want to play with it.

Overall ratings 5/5 lah~~!!! cos i love it very target is Gatack hard to find now. The material has very good touch & feel. Very playable and original to the exact ones shown in the series...shiok bro..MUST BUY!!!

My Kabuto Watch

Bought this watch in Taiwan, thanks to jimi for showing me his toyshop nearby his house.

cheapo packaging..nothing special

about 2 fingers size

led lights only, No sound, finishing is quite good.
overall rating 3/5 a must buy if you are hardcore fans of kabuto.