Stockings not for your girlfriends, wife and lovers

Found this while browsing the web today, seems interesting, maybe i can use it for my HT 12inch AVP She Predator Machiko when it arrives....wahahahaha

Hot Toys Joker version 1 & 2 comparison from Hong Kong "MILK" magazine

From the looks of it, you have to get both versions so that you can get one movie accurate version...what the hell~~??!! In summary as per the article wrote, HT teams were not provided with adequate info during the production in version 1 therefore after the movie launch, they had the chance to make it better in version 2. Furthermore, the movie also introduced (aka poisoned :P) even more non-toy collectors as well, therefore leading to worldwide shortage. And with recent DC DIRECT partnership (world's largest toy & comic distributor), Hot Toys really make it "BIG" for this movie series, it's been reported the hottest & bestselling figure in their company history.

(IMHO) Glad that HT finally make it to the international market, business is about profits in conclusion, therefore can't blame them milking it dry from this license. Rumors has it, HT is already pitching for joker version 3 to the film distributors (anyone wants to guess which version?)...come on a toy collector's state of mind...enough of jokersss already, can't we have the other characters as well?...sigh...

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Straits Times today 27 aug 2008

Nowadays, i don't buy or read newspapers due to "green"reasons but i was captivated by today's headline, nope...not the big one (Big Win For Anwar) but the small one on the right corner :P Robot beats JEDI

States has already started (or finished) screening both of these movies so you can catch a lot of reviews online.

yes, thanks to sg critics for your 4/5 rating, we know pixar animation rocks as usual and i am catching the digital format on the big screen this evening :P

On the down side, yes we know Clone War sucks (1/5) for you SG critics since you all always loved art films....don't know what to say, can someone get a true star wars fan to review this please? or ask a kid? i bet it's fun and worth at least 2/5 even for a sunday morning 3 episode cartoons.

guess i make a wrong move buying this morning's paper after all, everything inside is really quite "down" and disheartening...go the 80cents

Hottoys 12inch TDK - Joker (bank robber) official pix released

Let's wrap and end the long update with the official photos from hottoys.As mentioned in my previous post, HT will release this new joker bank robber version in Nov/Dec.Pre-orders start now in HK for HK$950

click below for previous pixs

Finally got my 3G iphone in Singapore

Was quite skeptical to collect it on Saturday when i saw the news says a man queue 12hrs to be the 1st person in SG to get this. My friends took 5.5hrs during the midnight 12am-5am~~!! sweat manz...Being a very lazy person, I told my wife i will walk out the queue if it exceed 1hr and save my wallet...Luckily or not, mine only took 45mins from registering to collection.

SG Singtel Comcenter

Stage 1 - Queue was almost empty, this is where they verified your invitation

Given a bottle of water, a pack of twisties and a bunch of useless mailers to read during your wait. From here, a personnel will escort you to a short walk to Stage 2.

Stage 2 - Waiting in line again, long queue here to stage 3 (est.20mins)

Stage 3 - only 5 person is released to stage 4 around 10mins.

Stage 4 - Collection booth, here's quite fast..about 5mins

this one not for sale..haha

and finally on hand, counter service takes max. 10mins for the staff to unlock and do the other admin and payment work...the wait wasn't quite bad since it was the 2nd day of launch. I bought the white 18gb version. As it was raining that time, Singtel even gave you a cheap umbrella so that your phone won't get wet, "very considerate" considering we are paying a prime price (than other countries) for this iphone in SG...hah...damn...i hate gadgets!!

slightly sleeky and lighter than my previous 8gb iphone on the left

i love the white mac version

that's all folks, time to downloads bunch of apps into it and stress it as much as i can to optimize the performance. Have you got your 3G iphone yet?

Hot Toys The Dark Knight 12inch Joker video

Hot Toys The Dark Knight 12inch Joker photo review from kenmoo on Vimeo.
If you prefer youtube, see below:

Grandeur Nature 2007 timelapse

Beautiful music and timelapse video, it's best viewed in HD widescreen format. Hope you all appreciates it like i do. Enjoy~

Grandeur Nature 2007 timelapse movie from ridindave on Vimeo.

TDK fav moment and lines

"you won't kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness...and I won't kill you because you're too much fun. We're going to do this forever."

"I took Gotham's white knight, And I brought him down to my level. It wasn't hard...madness is like gravity. All it takes is a little push."

Hooray~!! Finally can collect my 3G iphone this sat (23 Aug)

Singtel official launch is full for 22nd August (this friday) but i managed to get my collection appointment on 23rd Aug 1-3pm.Yeah~!! yeah!!

Kick my ass~~!! (create your own flash game)

This is fun, i kicked my own ass to so far high score 129,806 meters? Not happy then try kick me see how far you get? post your score in this comments hahaha have fun!!

宫崎骏 hayao miyazaki "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea"

Greatest animation master of our time,动画巨人(爷爷)age:66!!
宫崎骏 (Hayao Miyazaki) latest animation movie 《县崖上的金鱼公主》"Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" Do not know when SG will be showing but it's worth every effort, dedication and creativity!!
Click HERE to see the making of this movie production video.

Sideshow 12inch Obi-Wan Kenobi

help us obi-wan're our only hope...

you didn't see this...

i sense a great disturbance in the force...

Sideshow 12inch Ben Kenobi > changing nude body

Decided to give Sideshow 1/6 Ben Kenobi a body change today after playing and posing. The SS body joints are simply too weak and loose. Am using my extra Saturday toys nude body (after using it's suit for ht bruce wayne) Some minor adjustments needed so will post more photos soon when I am done fixing up his parts.

trooper: "this is madness...beep...what a mess~~!!"

chio chio armani liao

yandao~~old general kenobi

bandai chogokin TO-FU Oyako 超合金乐

This is a very fun and cute bandai'd chogokin to play with. Tagline is To-Fu (Father & Son) Not only the parts are diecast, the Big Father To-Fu head can opens and display into a small diorama room. Fun factor rating 5/5

Hilter ERP on youtube (funny shites) LOL

I can relate to his woes, lolz, my family were trying to go home on sat and we were charged $2 for entering this ERP, what the crap...spread the "ERP love"