Hottoys 1/6 The Dark Knight "Joker"

finally~~it's here at friend, raymond says it's so evil and scary that he don't dare to buy and display in his room...hahahaha funny guy. Below are some of my favorites, go to my flickr for more photos.
The only con of this Hottoys version is:-
(a) it doesn't look like heath ledger (in fact, in the movie he's so good as joker even i forgot he is heath ledger)
(b) it's clothes are nice but it's not perfect, i hate the tie and the velcro parts.
(c) the feet are too loose (maybe i need to stuff some blu-tack in it.
My rating 4/5, i trust Hot Toys will produce a much better version of TDK-joker.
But at this stage, it's the best 1/6 Joker in the market (IMHO)

more pixs in my flickr album below:

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