Hottoys 1/6 The Dark Knight (original costume)

Really~no joke (joker as well..haiz...)'s been a long 2 weeks wait for this figure. Almost the entire toy forum in the world had this figures photographed and D.I. in various poses.

There's really not much anticipation for myself to collect it yesterday and have any ideas how to shoot this figure. So, don't flame me for my typical lazy product shots again :P

(IMHO) The only surprise is this Hottoys TDK Batman (original costume) is the most articulated version so far. The Takara Batman Begins (which i have as well) is good and very stylish but HT version targets toward more realistic details and screen accuracy to the movie thou its sculpt is really subjective to some collectors perspective.

Overall, it's different, better articulated movie version on its own, not to be compared to the other brand. No rating for this figure liao cos' we waited too long, not much hype and excitement in my blood :P (hopefully the joker which will be arriving this week as well, can warm my blood again)

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