Hot Toys Joker version 1 & 2 comparison from Hong Kong "MILK" magazine

From the looks of it, you have to get both versions so that you can get one movie accurate version...what the hell~~??!! In summary as per the article wrote, HT teams were not provided with adequate info during the production in version 1 therefore after the movie launch, they had the chance to make it better in version 2. Furthermore, the movie also introduced (aka poisoned :P) even more non-toy collectors as well, therefore leading to worldwide shortage. And with recent DC DIRECT partnership (world's largest toy & comic distributor), Hot Toys really make it "BIG" for this movie series, it's been reported the hottest & bestselling figure in their company history.

(IMHO) Glad that HT finally make it to the international market, business is about profits in conclusion, therefore can't blame them milking it dry from this license. Rumors has it, HT is already pitching for joker version 3 to the film distributors (anyone wants to guess which version?)...come on a toy collector's state of mind...enough of jokersss already, can't we have the other characters as well?...sigh...

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deSMOnd said...

Ya lor, always joker!! boring man..hate if there are more than 2 version. HT should produce two faces mah..if really got joker the 3rd version, i m not gonna to buy it..sianz!!