Straits Times today 27 aug 2008

Nowadays, i don't buy or read newspapers due to "green"reasons but i was captivated by today's headline, nope...not the big one (Big Win For Anwar) but the small one on the right corner :P Robot beats JEDI

States has already started (or finished) screening both of these movies so you can catch a lot of reviews online.

yes, thanks to sg critics for your 4/5 rating, we know pixar animation rocks as usual and i am catching the digital format on the big screen this evening :P

On the down side, yes we know Clone War sucks (1/5) for you SG critics since you all always loved art films....don't know what to say, can someone get a true star wars fan to review this please? or ask a kid? i bet it's fun and worth at least 2/5 even for a sunday morning 3 episode cartoons.

guess i make a wrong move buying this morning's paper after all, everything inside is really quite "down" and disheartening...go the 80cents

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