(Movie Review) Ip Man 2 -叶问2:宗师传奇

I highly recommend this movie for 2010, best action aside it's nicely shot, the story is quite emotional and touching. It adds perspective on how general public should treat martial arts with respect and diginity. This movie is a rare gem to asia movie industry.

Unboxing SideShow 12inch Sandtrooper Squad Leader Tatooine

Other than it's poor joints and "shitty" paint job, otherwise this would be a wonderful collection in my SW troopers..but...sigh...as compared to medicom sandtrooper, this paint job doesn't look like sand...more like shit to me...quite terrible in my opinion.

unboxing SOC GX-47T Energer Test Type (Magazine Exclusive)

Managed to get this via my local toyshop today. Love the new smell of metal.

超合金 Soul Of Chogokin GX-47T (Prototype version) requires mail-in coupon from the book "Soul of Chokogin Project (超合金魂計画)" vol. 4.

(hockstuff) Medicom 12inch AKIRA Digirama Wallpaper

lelong lelong 益街仿..here's mr hock latest digirama from Medicom 12inch AKIRA, it's professionally done and free lor...you don't get a lot of quality free stuff nowadays...anyway mr hock only do it once a moonlight when he got da mood so you guys know what i mean? RARE!!!...faster go grab it for your desktop wallpaper NOW~!!! lolx

more pixs of hottoys 12inch 300: king leonidas

unboxing Takara Tomy: Transformers Animated: TA-01 Optimus Prime

Always trust Takara Tomy (Japan) version to deliver the best paint job for transformers, have waited for this figure in it's original metallic colors and it's finally here.

unboxing of hottoys 12inch 300: king leonidas

Collector's review for this 1/6 figure was very much positive so far, as if it's almost perfect, but for me, i think the face colors is a bit off (slightly darker) as compared with the body. However, overall is a keeper!!

PS3 > Final Fantasy XIII

Nice graphics but this gameplay is too traditional and primitive, the story is slow and boring.
Combine all the movie sequence and see it as a animated film better.
Japanese games, stories and movies have too many logic and theories, they sometimes forget what's entertaining.

Sci-Fi Revoltech Alien "Big Chap" (150mm)

It's been awhile since i buy any figures smaller than 12inch but this latest series from Revoltech and especially it's Alien makes it hard to resist.

(part 2) opening of 1/6 scale Project BM AKIRA "Kaneda Shotaro"

ok a lot of collectors asked me to elaborate the pro and cons of this figure so here's what i personally feel lacking:
- leather material too thin
- nude body is too skinny