PS3 > Final Fantasy XIII

Nice graphics but this gameplay is too traditional and primitive, the story is slow and boring.
Combine all the movie sequence and see it as a animated film better.
Japanese games, stories and movies have too many logic and theories, they sometimes forget what's entertaining.

Nowadays, even good games requires content and interactive.
E.g. when the character rides any vehicles, gamer expect to be manually controlling it and not more animated scenes. 

Don't know how this title can lasted so many saga or maybe i've evolved?
Still prefer games like God of War 3 or Modern Warfare. This game is going to be in the 2nd hand shop soon.


saruman said...

I love it! it keeps the spirit of the original FF, and the complex story makes the game even better.. well, at least for me ;)

desmond said...

Seems like you are going to sell it at Andrew's shop :)

LEon said...

I think they use this game title to test out the max of PS3 in term of graphic. You are not the only one who commented on how FFXIII fall short. Guess that is the truth.

kenmoo said...

nah, andrew shop games can't sell..going to nearby gameshop better