Unboxing SideShow 12inch Sandtrooper Squad Leader Tatooine

Other than it's poor joints and "shitty" paint job, otherwise this would be a wonderful collection in my SW troopers..but...sigh...as compared to medicom sandtrooper, this paint job doesn't look like sand...more like shit to me...quite terrible in my opinion.

I only love the weapons and accessories included, boys with big guns always rockzzz

Upper chest armor is still too wide and the joint too loose...when will SS heed collectors advice and improve it?? Do they even respect our opinions? Wonderful...

Overall, I would advice getting this figure only if you're a hardcore sandtrooper fans. I think i will end with the last sandtrooper which is a black pad and stop this line until SS redo their bodies and improve their production standard.


desmond said...

Bro, as compared to the first white shoulder pauldron sandtrooper, the paint job on this one is better. At least the amour is not overpainted and definitely is not up to standard when compared to other company. The thing I hate the most is the loose joints. Always having hard time to pose it in standing position.

kenmoo said...

agreed bro, i think now for SS product it's just Value <=> Quality, i know which side i am choosing.