(hockstuff) Medicom 12inch AKIRA Digirama Wallpaper

lelong lelong 益街仿..here's mr hock latest digirama from Medicom 12inch AKIRA, it's professionally done and free lor...you don't get a lot of quality free stuff nowadays...anyway mr hock only do it once a moonlight when he got da mood so you guys know what i mean? RARE!!!...faster go grab it for your desktop wallpaper NOW~!!! lolx


BEGreene said...

Kenmoo, Just wanted to 'thank you' for sharing this awesome looking 1/6 scale photo in recreating one of the Akira movie poster. Much kudos to Mr. Hock efforts.

Be well,


kenmoo said...

you're welcome :)

saruman said...

Thanks kenmoo, it's on my PC now!