Euro2008 Final: Germany vs Spain (0-1)

Me & my group of friends were at a geylang coffee shop this morning (2:45am) to catch the Euro finals. Yes, Spain won 1-0 after 44 years in their country history? well, they deserved it manz...looking at how well they fought, i also felt happy for them even though i am not a avid soccer fan.

3 riot trucks were standing by along the coffee shop earlier, wah...scared there will be a riot if any team loses?? hahaha

silent "Mob" Today

Yes, on a sunday i was "mob" and imprisoned at a ulu tuas camp from morning till 4pm.
There goes good value bonding time with my family. Was actually planning to bring general XMM to STCC (last day) for inspection...but never expect a mob on sunday?!!

When i check-in, there were a lot of discussion and strategic planning on how to clean the floor...result using our shoes...the walking around aimlessly cleaned the dusty-black floor...what a good sunday~~bye bye STCC~~hopefully see you next year~~

Singapore Toy & Comic Convention Preview Night

Singapore Toy and Comic Con is here! Thanks to, i managed to have a sneak preview this evening (27 June 2008, 5-9pm)
The official 2 days event starts tomorrow till 28 June, opens to public free and will be held at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

But don’t expect to find old historical issues of superman, medicom, bandai or masked riders here. Our fanbase here is still in an infant stages compared to established cons in the states & japan. Do support & have fun in this event so that there's more to come :)

Below are some highlights for today's preview:

hasbro booth

more cosplay will be appearing on sat & sun

medicom booth

walk of fame

comic artist (Old Mister Q 老夫子) booth

to be continued...

More preview night photos (100+) in my flickr album below:

Official Hottoys The Dark Knight official photos released

1/6 The Dark Knight Costume

1/6 Batmobile

1/6 Batpod

new HP TouchSmart PC TVC

(source credit from my friend meow)
now you can have a BIG iTouch/coverflow on your desktop (outsmart apple?) don't know if the screen is print-proof? else you've gotta clean your monitor everyday...nicely executed tvc thou, IMHO :P

Devilrobots Interview on Toy Break

Be sure to catch Devilrobots this weekend at STCC Booth A05

Tomica die-cast car > Disney Resort Cruiser

This was a gift from the guru, mike many years ago while he's in japan...he's the one who always poison me. Belated thanks for the present bro :)


which do you prefer?

Test shots of my old JWatch with my 2 cameras, let me know which one do you prefer?

Canon IXUS 850IS (my old and faithful handycam)

Canon EOS-450D (the new & bulky challenger)

Tokyo Toy Show 2008 (東京おもちゃショー2008) part 2

photos source credit from SARU.
Hot Toys 12inch IRONMAN~looking much more potential to buy now

Hot Toys-TDK 1/6 Batmobile
questions answered, yea~~it really can fit in HT 12inch Batman

better looking HT dark knight? or a Fatman? shall know soon when official pix is out...

angelina jolie in predator?

do not know which character is this but it's really nice (IMHO) if it's 12inch articulated

my buddy simon requested his revoltech fist of north star, why still unpainted?

movie version of DX Go-onger

my theory :P every toy is beautiful if you've got a nice display

Not enough? this heavy dose LINK will take you to 1000++ more photos of this show :P

Medicom Toy Exhibition 2008

source credits from, there's alot more photo at their forum, here's some highlights:

snapshots of ANYTHING for today

Tomica die-cast CARS > Lightning McQueen

finding lots in a carpark

Got this from TFH last week, was a surprise catch~!!

Singapore "EFFICIENCY"

Building the extra lift at my HDB flat > 2 years
Building extra ERP gantries & rise the price > within 6 months!!
That's how "efficiency" our govt is...

STCC : Preview Night Invite...whoohoo~~!!!

yea baby yea~~!! got my winning ticket this morning to STCC preview night on 27 June...coolness
Thanks to heeheehee...

PS3 > Dragonball Z BurstLimit

Thanks to US recent craze about Dragonball, we fans of DB gets to play this new game.
Except that the US version actually voice-over the entire gameplay (in fact i prefer Eng subtitle with original Jap voice) else the new game engine and story mode rocks~!! You actually felt you are into the story. I highly recommends for DBZ fans.

Tokyo Toy Show 2008 (東京おもちゃショー2008)

Found this article about Tokyo Toy Show 2008 (19-22 June 2008)
Below are some toys i am eyeing on.

Hot Toys Showcase - Batman Begins Batmobile
Not too sure about the proportion though, but everything seems good

batman begins-i preordered liao :P

Should be the dark knight movie version...not very clear photo, so will wait for the official pix from HT


HT 12inch Iron Man~~!!! not too sure of the proportion as well, the lower body (chest down) seems a bit off...hopefully the actual product will be improved.

Soul of Chogokin
Tetsujin 28~!!! adult version, this pcs I've been waiting for the reissue for 10 years :P

Daimos~~preorder liao tooo...hehehe

Jeeg ~ potential for my SOC collection

more toyshow pix available below in otasuke website:-