DAY 01-Live from HK > Hottoys prototype display @ CTMA, Toys Hunter

hello everybody, i am blogging live from Hong Kong now :P
Just arrived today late afternoon.Where else but straight to my favorite CTMA center > Toy Hunters to see the prototype on display. Fans will definitely not be disappointed with Hot Toys upcoming releases.

CTMA Entrance

Opposite CTMA

New Appleseed 1/6 Tereus proto-type

M-Icon 1/6 1953 "The Wild Ones" Marlon Brando proto-type

The Dark Knight 1/6 Batman & Joker proto-type

M-Icon 1/6 BEYOND 1992 & 1993 Wong Ka Kui proto-type

more photos will be updated for my HK trip 2008 in flickr below...
(provided i don't get chase out by the shop owners :P)

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