Live from HK > damages so far...

HotToys True New Type 12inch nude figures

(top) Bandai 12inch Ultraman Max & Medicom DX RAH 12inch Kikaider
(below) Medicom 12 inch Starwars 501 clone trooper & Ep3 clone trooper

Bandai 12inch Ultraman Max-with lights~~!! cool

Bandai SOC AKIRA-die-cast kaneda's bike

3W detective> 12inch die-hard bruce willis likeness


Kenny said...

Wow, that's quite a haul.

JuN said...

Dude, yr killing me with yr live reports and your purchases!

Just curious, how much did the clone troopers cost?

kenmoo2007 said...

hi kenny, yes my pocket has more holes now.

hi jun, glad you are enjoying my live report. Last night in HK today, do stay tune for my final day report later :P The clone troopers i got it for HK$990 each (est. SG$175) at Superman Toys, CTMA.

JuN said...

wow, thats really a good price for the clones.
Looking forward to your final day report.