Canon EOS D450

Just got this on Saturday evening @ John 3:16 (Funan). I've not visited them for almost 5years (cos' iam lazy, enjoying using my handy Canon IXUS 850IS) and damn those guys are really poisonous~!!
Am just tempted to buy a basic entree ($8XX) but instead got this Canon D450 and a 50mm EF len, total damage becomes $15XX. And they say i will definitely be back for more lenses & accessories...after meddling with some basic shots, i think i really need a EF55-200mm & a micro len...shit+damn, i hate it when they are right, more damages incoming~~

3.0"LCD screen has live viewing, great for instant framing (IMHO)

Indoor test shot

outdoor test shot


JuN said...

wow.....U definitely need a macro lens for your toy shots though
Hope to see more pics soon

kenmoo2007 said...

micro lens X dude~~!! (*sweat) can cost 2 medicom or more...hopefully i can get a 2nd hand or a 3rd party in the market.will take time but i know it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

I know this comment is waaaaaaay late, but a "macro" lens is what is used to capture "micro" objects ;) Therefore, the previous commenter was right.