news: Hottoys updated Godfather figure!!

Looks like Hot Toys will spare no chances on this improvement photos release with credits to mediworld forum

Text from HT newsletter:
"The last secret is about the chair - something you might not know by looking at the pictures! Someone may say "It's just a chair!", but we don't think so! What you will get is a rotatable chair with adjustable back function PLUS real-like fabric cushion! Surprised?

Last but not least, our Art Director in Chief - JC Hong promised to supervise the mass production and control the painting lives up to perfection. Is that a good news for you?"

From the above lines, i really think HT can employ a good copywriter (looking at the $$ they are making :P)

Anyway, here are the major changes in the revised photos:
- head sculpture (More detailed hair and facial texture.)

- Hands (more like an old man’s hands)

- His beloved cat (newly sculpted and painted)

See the rest of the updated photos in my flickr below:

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(Coming Soon) Medicom 12inch SW Tie Fighter Pilot, Kamen Rider Kiva & V3

Latest update: 
Project BM 12inch Kamen Rider Kiva will be released in Sept 2009, right leg chain can be unleashed and reveal the wings :P

(image credit: toyworld)

Here's a couple of news from upcoming medicom's 12inch figure which i am looking forward this year.

Medicom 12inch Star Wars Tie Fighter Pilot
(schedule for July release)

Medicom 12inch DX Kamen Rider V3 (TV version) or what i called version 2.0
(schedule for july release)

(Coming Soon) Medicom Evangelion Rei version 2.0

(image credit from toyworld and imitk)
Well..this is the version 2.0 year for medicom product line, so expect a lot of scalpers to lose their business but hey, it's a good year for toy collectors because you don't have to paid high price for the previous figure/collection you've missed.  

I've more or less expected medicom toys to go ahead with this "critical" marketing stretgy because it's more "cost effective" to do a revision of their previous hit than buy more license to produce new toys. Guess it's "you die better than i die~scalpers"year...hahahaha 

IMHO, this version2 of Rei is definitely a better body, sculpt and material. I liked the new body shape better now especially, which is why i didn't buy the 1st version in the 1st place. Definitely looking forward to this piece soon. 16,800 yen, Schedule for released in Sept 2009

(Coming Soon) Medicom 12inch Ultraman Type B version 2 (sept 2009)

At long last, my collection shall be complete soon (or later) :P

medicom 12inch Sweeney Todd

I think this figure is a bit under-rated, actually it's quite nicely done by medicom. Am glad i got it :P Enjoy...

The 1/6 chair i got it from Hong Kong, don't think there a 1/6 barber chair in the market so better than nothing lah :P

For more pix view my flickr below:

news: Hottoys 12inch original Predator figure > waited till neck is long but well, better late than never

(updated on 19-Feb-09)
Newly improved head sculpt and paint job by Hot Toys released~!!! Now that's what i called authentic likeness :P

There's a saying "No news is good news..." But for Hottoys...their news is always GREAT news!! These classic figure is the one that hardcore fans are waiting and it looks great (IMHO)
Set to release between 1st - 2nd Quarter of 2009

Hot Toys - MMS 72 - Predator 1/6th scale Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer collectible figure

Hot Toys - MMS 73 - Predator - 1/6th scale Private Billy Sole collectible figure

Hot Toys - MMS 90 - Predator - 14" high fully poseable Predator collectible figure

This year mobile phone goes projector...

(chn engadget)
Samsung and Texas Instrument has released the 1st built-in projector handphone called i7410, in korea it's called W7900.

A brief run down on the basic specs as follows:
- equipped with Texas Instrument DLP Pic chip for best video projection (up to 50inches)
- 3.2inch OLED screen (400x240)
- Quad GSM, 7.2mbps HSDPA
- 5 mega pixel camera

I think it's quite useful as a torchlight as well? :P well, see the video demo below:

General XMM's camera on the loose 15-16 Feb 2009

These are what i get after letting General XMM play with his camera unsupervised. Did some post processing in photoshop cos' most are very blur and unfocused.

(15-Feb-2009) - General XMM went fishing at night

(16-Feb-2009) - General XMM (西街十二少) terrorising JW street 41

medicom 12inch Cowboy Bebop - Spike Spiegel

Cowboy Bebop (カウボーイビバップ Kaubōi Bibappu) is a Japanese animated television series. Directed by Shinichirō Watanabe and written by Keiko Nobumoto, Cowboy Bebop was produced by Sunrise. The series follows the adventures of a group of bounty hunters, or "cowboys", traveling on their spaceship, the Bebop, in the year 2071.

Cowboy Bebop was a commercial success both in Japan and international markets, notably in the United States. After this reception, Sony Pictures released a feature film in 2001, Knockin' on Heaven's Door (天国の扉) to theaters worldwide and followed up with an international DVD release.

Knockin' on Heaven's Door (天国の扉) / Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Trailer

Cowboy Bebop has been strongly influenced by American music, especially the jazz movements of the 1940s-60s and the early rock era of the 1950s-70s. Many of its action sequences, from space battles to hand-to-hand martial arts combat, are set and timed to music. Following the musical theme, episodes are called Sessions, and the episode titles are often borrowed from album or song names ("Sympathy for the Devil", "Honky Tonk Women", or "My Funny Valentine" to name a few), or make use of a genre name ("Mushroom Samba" or "Heavy Metal Queen") indicating a given episode's musical theme.
On July 22, 2008, IF Magazine published an article on its website regarding a rumor of a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie that is in development by 20th Century Fox. Producer Erwin Stoff said that the film's development was in the early stages, and that they had "just signed it". Keanu Reeves has been confirmed as playing the role of Spike Spiegel.

Check out the rest of this figure pix in my flickr album:

(youtube) Crazy woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA

Here's the English-subbed 3 min video which is a hit in YouTube recently.

maybe she was inspired by this KFC tvc below? :P i think KFC can ask her to be the next actress for their TVC...hahaha

Celebrating the seeds of love on 14-Feb-09

Because i forgot to bring the valentine's candles for dinner, we decided to go on a hawker spree on this day hahaha...:P

The venue: ABC Food Centre
Came a couple of times but i didn't get to taste the ieatshootipost's recommended roast pork, so i hoped it's our lucky day...

Yeah yeah~~it's opened!!
Fatty Cheong Roast Duck and Meat (肥仔祥烧腊)
@ ABC Brickworks Food Centre
6 Jln Bukit Merah #01-120
Open 11am till about 8.30pm
Closed Thursdays

Eggs, Roast Pork and Duck combination (叉烧烧鸭拼盘加卤蛋)

鲜虾水饺 Their prawn dumpling soup is really generous with fresh prawn and ingredient!! yummy...MUST TRY as well~!!

General XMM endorsed it so should I :P

Verdict: Definitely YUMMY~!! Best roast pork (叉烧) I've tasted so far (IMHO die-die "MUST EAT") The meat are timely roasted with some fats on it, quite POWER!! whereas, the roast duck is a bit too dry to my liking. There's a few food gems here as well, will blog about it when we dine here again. 

12inch Figure News: "Kiss my hand and call me godfather, your wish is granted..."

So now, the prototype pixs are fully released for both Enterbay & Hot Toys, which do you prefer? Enterbay is priced at USD$170 while Hot Toys is est. USD$160

ENTERBAY (USD$170)-Released Date June 2009
(updated: 10-Feb-09)
Here's the official released Enterbay's godfather prototype pixs:

(updated: 7-Feb-09)
Here's Enterbay's taking on their 12inch godfather, it's really a good offer i can't refuse. Looks like i have to find space to display both HT and Enterbay's...

And thanks to fellow blogger (supekudx) update, Enterbay will also be producing 12inch Godfather series~!!!Whoohoo...2009 is going to be a battle of the korean sculptor for both Hottoys and Enterbay :P

(Article source from Enterbay's Blog)
In the year of 2009, ENTERBAY’s REAL MASTERPIECE COLLECTION will include a new “The Godfather” series. Ranked as the second greatest film in American cinematic history, this series will feature influential actor Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corlenon the Godfather. It is anticipated to be released in the second quarter of 2009.

ENTERBAY and Y.J Park who will continue to deliver uncannily realistic head sculpts, will work together to create an museum-like representation of Marlon Brando in the “The Godfather” series. Its premium design, intensive production process and exclusive accessories, will make a shocking debut to the world of 1/6 Scale figurines.

HOT TOYS (est: USD$160)-Released Date April 2009
(updated: 22-Jan-09)
Here's the official released Hottoy's godfather prototype pixs:

(updated: 20-Jan-09)
Diorama pix from Hottoys...these teasers are killing me softly...HT, quickly release the pre-order and the date manz...
Click the thumbs for bigger image:

(updated: 15-Jan-09)
The killer shot for your wallet~!!!Pay, pay, pay...

My prayers has been answered, if the below pix is true, we shall see a fine O marlon brandon 12inch godfather this year~!! Hottoys ROCKZ~~!!!

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