Welcome 2009!!!

"Good-the-bye" to 2008, GO AWAY, we won't miss you~!!
Welcome 2009!! a better tomorrow!! YEAH!!

LIVE from TFH > 12inch hottoys harvey dent/two face damn chio!!

(Reporting LIVE from TFH)

Met a fellow toy blogger today, Desmond (aka 80% John Woo lookalike :P wahaha)
He's there to collect his new hottoy 12inch US secret service figure.

Opening ceremony on-site :p

Damn chio!! I love what i am getting and paying for...

An extra head!! One of Hottoy's standard Unique Selling Point...at least they are not "stingy" like medicom, always using exclusive mailaway method to bluff our wallet :P 

LIVE from Orchard Road > heavy human & traffic jam near orchard centerpoint

This is madness!! Almost half of orchard road is now traffic jammed due to a 70% sale at Robinson @ Centerpoint!! I would advise all bros to avoid this area till the coast is cleared.

This human and traffic report is brought to you by courtesy of kenmoo.

I've just received news from my orchard buddy that even Isetan is also having crazy sale too!! No wonder orchard road is jammed!! Must avoid this area during the weekend as well!! hahaha

Waiting for cab? take the train (MRT) lah, our gahmen encourages it, why all of you don't take their advise? Our taxi are incredibly "smart" to avoid the jammed areas, meter runs slow when their vehicle is not moving, understood? hahaha...

The Q is already so crowded, can't imagine what the weekend is like...faintzzz

If they have this kinda traffic officer (right corner) on the streets, i think it will be even worst...LOL

Yummys in China (Shanghai & Beijing)

I think the most stuff i collected from China trip is the food...
China is the best place to be if you have a picky taste bud...all good food can range from very cheap to medium price range depending on your budget. And do take my advice, choose those restaurant that are crowded (means good food) :P Places that are empty, are either bad or unhygienic.

Given a "glorious excuse" during winter period (we need intake a lot of food to replenished our energy), I think i gained at least extra 5kg during my 9 days stay :P

LIVE from Beijing >21-Dec Adidas, Apple and Mizuno Outlet

This is the most visited designer area..

Adidas outlet has four level, this is the display on level 1...the rest i was stopped by the staff from taking photos within the shop but i still managed to sneak in a few :P

Level 3 i think is the designer collaborated merchandise with Adidas..one of the outlet belongs to Y-3 (Yohji Yamamoto山本 耀司)

Level 4 is the best (IMHO), this level covers all the original Adidas (retro) designer product and the large hall can also host their event and exhibition. Below is my sneak photos of their latest exhibition to celebrate 60years of Adidas...i only manage to snap a few pix secretly...

Here's some designer exhibits and a few other outlets around this area...

Nike Store...everything here in Beijing is HUGE...really an eye opener for a small country bump like me...i think that's the difference when your country has plenty of space to offer.

Even the apple shop looks simply great...
Mizuno Sports Outlet...wished it was really gold plated hahaha...damn..all their outlet design are damn good!!!

LIVE from Beijing >21-Dec Astroboy Outlet

Discover this outlet in a big shopping mall!! Great news for a Astroboy fans like me :P

I almost wanted to buy the life-szie display, but there's limited space and weight for my check in...

LIVE from Shanghai >17-Dec-Finally found 1 Toy & Comic shop near the shanghai subway

It's hard to find a toyshop here but it's a miracle that i found one at the subway (MRT) near my hotel...very rare indeed...well,anything better than nothing right? but too bad there's nothing in here i am interested.

National Environment Agency Extends Smoking Ban To More Public Places On 1 January 2009

Why don't they just ban smoking island wide? The future "houses" might have a chimney cos' smokers can only smoke in their own house :P (good news for santa claus...wahaha)
I think the fastest way is just ban it, as the world knows, SG is a "fine city" Given such a weak financial situation now, smoker will sincerely consider either making contribution to the gahmen over a pack of puffs ...hah...sighz...so please ban smoking...that's a day i am looking forward to seriously quit :P
Singapore, 12 December 2008 –To keep our air cleaner and further protect the public from the harmful health effects of second-hand smoke , the National Environment Agency (NEA) is widening the list of smoke-free places from 1 January 2009.

With effect from 1 January 2009, the smoking prohibition will be extended to:

a. Indoor public places. These include non air-conditioned shops, non air-conditioned shopping centres (e.g. neighbourhood shopping centres), non air-conditioned offices, hotel lobbies, markets, multi-storey and basement car parks, ferry terminals, and more .

b. Lift lobbies

c. Entrances and exits to buildings and facilities where smoking is already prohibited. (within 5 metres of the entrances or exits where applicable)

d. Playgrounds and exercise areas

This gradual extension of the smoking ban, which the NEA has implemented over the years, is in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations under the WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC), which Singapore ratified in May 2004. In the convention, parties are to provide protection from exposure to second-hand smoke in:

a. Indoor workplaces.
b. Indoor public places.
c. Public transport.
d. Other public places, as appropriate.

The ban has been extended to indoor public places and lift lobbies because these are areas where public would find it hard to escape from second-hand smoke.

Entrances and exits to buildings and facilities where smoking is already prohibited were also included in the ban extension because feedback and checks on the ground have shown that smokers tend to congregate near entrances/exits to smoke. With the extension, members of the public will be able to use the entrances and exits of buildings without being affected by second-hand smoke.

The ban is extended to playground and exercise areas to safeguard the health of children, the elderly and other users.

The NEA urges the public to continue to render their support for the smoking ban and help keep our air clean.

Mr Lee Yuen Hee, Chief Executive Officer of the NEA said, “We are encouraged by the positive feedback from many individuals and families who support the extension of the smoking ban and appreciate the effort of smokers who have chosen not to light up in smoke-free areas, helping to promote clean air and good health.”

Mr Lam Pin Woon, Chief Executive Officer, Health Promotion Board, said: "There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. It causes cancer, heart diseases and other serious diseases in adults and increases the risks of respiratory diseases and premature deaths among infants. Legislation on smoking ban is an important part of our national multi-pronged strategy to combat smoking. It promotes an environment conducive to protect non-smokers from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and discourages smokers from lighting up."

The NEA will be rolling out a series of publicity activities to keep members of the public informed about the extension. The agency has also conducted meetings and dialogue sessions with various parties and will continue to work with building/facilities managers on site to ensure smooth implementation of the smoking prohibition. Building managers, for example, are advised to set up designated smoking points away from entrances/exits and direct smokers to the smoking point. Any building/facilities manager who requires further assistance on the implementation of the smoking prohibition regulations is encouraged to contact the NEA Call Centre at 1800-CALL-NEA (1800-2255 632).

Jurong Point 2 opens!!!

The latest, enlarged Jurong Point proclaimed it's the LARGEST suburban mall in Singapore and i totally agreed~!!! Damn crowded today, i think there are additional hundreds of new retailer including all the big brands you can or can't think of. There's also 2x folds of new restaurants to venture and a new Action City outlet which carrys Hottoys, saw the latest Joker ver.2 in stock...quite happening!! but too crowded for me. Will wait for offpeak day/hours and visit again soon.

Top Singapore Google Search

Don't think that the authorities do not know what you are searching on the net. This article in Yahoo News states the below top google searches in SG.

1 Singapore Olympics
2 Singapore table tennis
3 Singapore terrorist
4 Youth Olympics
5 3G iPhone
6 Philips electronics Singapore
7 F1 night race
8 Singapore recession
9 Mas Selamat
10 Feng Tianwei

1 Maxwell Hawker Centre
2 Newton Hawker Centre
3 Chinatown Hawker Centre
4 Adam Road Hawker Centre
5 East Coast Park Hawker Ctr

1 Edison Chen
2 Olympics
3 Facebook
4 iPhone
5 F1

1 Chicken rice
2 Punggol crab noodle
3 Drunk prawn
4 Kaya toast
5 Popiah

DragonBall Movie poster (jap) + trailer screen cap

Latest update (11 Dec)
Official Trailer below:

(04 Sept)
"The first teaser trailer for the live-action feature film version of Dragonball will reportedly hit theaters in October. A studio source informed IGN that, while Oct. 17 is Fox’s “target date,” nothing is guaranteed until the special effects and requisite approvals are in place."

i really hope i didn't see it...haizz...throw me the anime movie version anyday. DBZ life action movie trailer will be out in Oct really soon, are you sure you want to watch it? hahahaha (please retain my good childhood memories)

the poster is definitely a turn off for me...IMO i think this movie will be as bad as it looks...what do you think?

DVD > The Dark Knight (2-disc special edition)

If there's only 1 dvd wishlist for your Christmas this year, this DVD has to be it!!!
Need no further introduction~!! Definitely the Best Movie of 2008!!
Available now in your nearest videoshop for SG$29.90

Front DVD sleeve

Back DVD sleeve

(Left) Jacket (Right) DVD Cover Box

DVD Content

DVD Jacket Design

better quality photos in my flickr set HERE