LIVE from Beijing >21-Dec Adidas, Apple and Mizuno Outlet

This is the most visited designer area..

Adidas outlet has four level, this is the display on level 1...the rest i was stopped by the staff from taking photos within the shop but i still managed to sneak in a few :P

Level 3 i think is the designer collaborated merchandise with of the outlet belongs to Y-3 (Yohji Yamamoto山本 耀司)

Level 4 is the best (IMHO), this level covers all the original Adidas (retro) designer product and the large hall can also host their event and exhibition. Below is my sneak photos of their latest exhibition to celebrate 60years of Adidas...i only manage to snap a few pix secretly...

Here's some designer exhibits and a few other outlets around this area...

Nike Store...everything here in Beijing is HUGE...really an eye opener for a small country bump like me...i think that's the difference when your country has plenty of space to offer.

Even the apple shop looks simply great...
Mizuno Sports Outlet...wished it was really gold plated hahaha...damn..all their outlet design are damn good!!!

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