blackbird, fly (bbf)

Whoo-hoo...received my retro goodness today~!!
Ordered this online from 8storeytree 2 days ago and was delivered just this afternoon, excellent & prompt service from a SG online store. Designed by Superheadz, Blackbird, Fly (BBF) is a twin-lens reflex camera which is used to manually expose film while the other is used like a viewfinder. Hopefully i can master it within these few days and upload some scans here. Stay tune to my post result of this retro new toy :P Here's some photos of unpacking this babe.


Bottom of the box

Bubble wrapped and content

Nice container (left) and 24 x 24mm mask frame with camera strap (right)

Beautiful~~!! Can't afford the original ones so this light-weighted camera toy should be enough to subdue me for now :P

More photos are available in MY FLICKR set

Below flickr photos belong to blackbird, fly group which i just joined.
Hope i can be as pro as them soon :P


Mike Tan said...

Waaaah, you bought! Don't make me drool leh. How much? I tot you say Basheer Bookshop got sell?

kenmoo said...

i called basheer and it's fixed price same as online, so i got it online where delivery is free. Plus i need the 35mm negatives which i don't think basheer will have.

ymmij said...

hope you like the camera. do post your pics soon. :D


kenmoo said...

absolutely~!! trying to find time to tryout this new babe :P