LIVE from Orchard Road > heavy human & traffic jam near orchard centerpoint

This is madness!! Almost half of orchard road is now traffic jammed due to a 70% sale at Robinson @ Centerpoint!! I would advise all bros to avoid this area till the coast is cleared.

This human and traffic report is brought to you by courtesy of kenmoo.

I've just received news from my orchard buddy that even Isetan is also having crazy sale too!! No wonder orchard road is jammed!! Must avoid this area during the weekend as well!! hahaha

Waiting for cab? take the train (MRT) lah, our gahmen encourages it, why all of you don't take their advise? Our taxi are incredibly "smart" to avoid the jammed areas, meter runs slow when their vehicle is not moving, understood? hahaha...

The Q is already so crowded, can't imagine what the weekend is like...faintzzz

If they have this kinda traffic officer (right corner) on the streets, i think it will be even worst...LOL

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