Xbox360 > Left 4 Dead

Thanks to Joshua headsup, i got this game last night...excellent gameplay and graphics i must say...imagine counterstrike in zombie style. 

This game is not as scary as "Deadspace" but it's more thrilling and action-packed like the movie "28 days later". I loved it when the zombies are fast and check out Joshua detail review of this game at his blog. I would rate this the best zombie game so far...and I've had a good time shooting em' up all day :P
Here's the opening movie of the game:

Here's my youtubed video of the intro gameplay:

Front cover

Back cover


Can see my gamertag on a poster while the game is feature
Yea, i like the old man :P

Your buddies in co-ops

collected > Medicom DX RAH Masked Rider BLACK

Collected my Black yesterday...shiok!!
Japanese makes extremely nice box design..left is the box sleeve

back view...sweet

beautiful...hummm...(homer simpson)


definitely better than the old version on the right...heeharrr...going to put fireworks to celebrate liao...

DOWN!!!... :( ...stephen chow(周星驰) i didn't see this..i didn't see this...i didn't see this...

there goes my happy thoughts for the day....

SANTA'S WORKSHOP - Inside China's SLAVE labor toy factories

Below is a 30 mins documentary which show you the "slavery" of toy factories. The video is produced in 2004, hopefully 4 years later the conditions are better? Anyway, it's good (educational) to see this video and understand where and how our toys are produced in china.

(Source from google video)

SANTA'S WORKSHOP takes you to the real world of China's toy factories. Workers tell us about long working hours, low wages, and dangerous work places. Those who protest or try to organize trade unions risk imprisonment. Low labour costs attract more and more companies to China.

Today more than 75% of our toys are made in China. But this industry takes its toll on the workers and on the environment. The European (and American) buyers blame bad conditions on the Chinese suppliers. But they say that increasingly hard competition gives them no option. Who should we believe? And what can you do to bring about a fairer and more humane toy trade?


Side note: Now i know that the workers slave so hard, i can now understand and appreciates why sometimes we get shitty quality. On the other hand, if we don't buy the toys, then these workers will be jobless...what a dilemma...haizz..

Stripping sideshow 12inch Indiana Jones

Also, do check out MWCTOYS extensive review of this figure HERE
At least he can still get a replacement from SS in the states but what about mine? fly back to HK to ask for a replacement...haizz...

Here's how loose (bad) new SS nude body is for indiana jones,
hope this answered Shin enquiries :)

As per my previous post, I wanted to change the body of the existing SS Indiana Jones body but later found out that I've run out of HT trueType nudes...haiz..old liao, memory failing me...looks like am going to do some nude hunting this week :P

green circles marks the loose joints!!!

here's the accessories breakdown which i think is surprisely well done:

pistol with removable magazine (excellent~!!)

idol artifact (wished it was real gold)

Magnetic whip holster and bag (a very good feature)

Youtubed & vimeo > 12inch Sideshow Indiana Jones

Poster for Sideshow 12inch Indiana Jones

additional snapshot taken in front of my computer in reference to the original movie poster

Sideshow 12inch Indiana Jones -Raiders of the Lost Ark

Didn't bother to change the nude figure and proceed to take these photos today, quite tough to shoot cos' the neck and knees are very loose, plus most joints are not tight enough. Posing takes awhile :( Maybe it's just my bad luck, are you having the same problem as mine? Seems like every Sideshow figures i bought have to change body, what a waste of money..haizzz...maybe it's a sign for me to stop buying SS toys liao...hahahaha

The arm becomes loose after this shot, damnit...SS body have to improve lah...

(IMHO) i think the head sculpt is quite good (maybe even better than Medicom) but the paint job and finishing really spoils it.
normally i don't like to display my figure with stand, looks like SS Indy going to use it for while till i get a new body for him :P

the bendable whip is quite fun but too bad the hand joint are too loose to hold it...really looking forward for the new body manzz....

Here's a comparison photo between Sideshow and Medicom version

My rating still stands as my previous post, both figures got its pros and cons.  
Other than the price difference, i think both got its own value depending which you prefer.

Accessories: SS
Paint Job: Medicom (SS paint job is too glossy/oily for my taste)
Likeness: Medicom has better sculpt, SS is not bad but their paint job suckzz...
Box Design: SS
Clothes: SS for more playability and trashing, Medicom version has more quality.
Figure: Medicom (cos' SS figure is very loose, always need to change to a better body like Hottoys true type figure)
Playability: SS
Price: SS definitely

more photos in my flickr album below:

Youtubed & Vimeo > 12inch kitbash 007 Casino Royale (Daniel Craig)

For people who's too lazy to check out the pix on my flickr album, this version got music some more wahahaha :P Enjoy~~

Note: sorry of the slight typo error in this video. The authors' name is supposed to be Ian Fleming's (not flemming) :P

You can see a high quality video at this youtube page
or via vimeo below:

12inch kitbash 007 casino royale (daniel craig)

12inch kitbash 007 Casino Royale (Daniel Craig) Poster

click here for bigger image

click here for bigger image

Suit Em' Up > 12inch kitbash 007 Casino Royale (Daniel Craig)

Bought all the necessary from my recent hk trip and had bashed it up last week but, disaster strike as I accidentally split the superglue over the head :P Luckily my buddy, Simon help me to clean it up but all's ruined and the head is no longer as good as new...haiz...Anyway, thanks to simon for the makeover, least i don't have to buy another set again.

Here's a summary of what i use to bash this figure:
Nude Figure: Hot Toys True Type figure

Head sculpt: Loading Toys (Spy 06007)

Suit: Custom-made 1/6 Tuxedo which i bought from HK

Here's the result which is quite satisfactory (IMHO)

luckily the 1/6 customised tuxedo is a good fit for Hot Toys truetype body...else it will be a waste of the money.

second disaster strike, i broke the tip of my gun silencer~!!

very sad can't take pix with the silencer add-on, so will have to make do with these pix :(

Overall, loading toys has made a decent head for Daniel Craig as 007. Unless some other toy companies make a better one else i am stuck with this version for the moment.
More photos are available in my flickr album below: