General XMM dinner @ BENTEN Cafe (1st Nov 2008)

Previously i blogged about this franchise in Great World which the food was abit over-rated, this new outlet in Jurong Point was only slightly it belongs to my yummy-nots label :P

General XMM get his patrol car served with miserable dishes (kid meals) i think they should called it baby meals (S$6.80)...anyway i think he likes it else i will be in big trouble...hahaha

it's a very small outlet and is fully expose to walking crowd in the shopping mall, if you like to have privacy (inside a restaurant) then this place is not for you.

Type: Japanese fusion Italian Cafe
Name: Benten Cafe (tot cafe just serve good cakes and drinks?!!)
Address: Jurong Point (Level 3)
Rating: 3/5 (at least they got 01 "baby" meal and some side dish are not so bad)
Price: Medium level (it's not great but worth to try "once" in your lifetime? :P wahahaa)

this new outlet not only serve spaghetti and dessert but also rice :)
This is the rice with curry page

creamy page

spaghetti served on teppanyaki plate as well (not new to me but better than nothing)

this one is a surprise...monstrous bucket of ice cream...sinful for 5pax...i saw the mock up, it's fxxking HUGE~!!! i think their ice creams and desserts presentation looks better than their food.

i ordered the curry rice with variety of fried stuff (croquette, shrimp and chicken) served with kimchi?!!! WTXXX hahaha weird combination (IMHO) and the curry sauce was too thin lah. (S$13.80)

the croquette contains potatoes mashed with cheese, corns and some greens....quite good :P

my darling's all time favorite "seafood spaghetti with lotsa clams" don't know why she always order the same type of food...buay sianz one meh? there's so many variety to try mah haizz...(S$10.80)

price still subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST...goodness...liked i mentioned once in a lifetime hahaha...


deSMOnd said...

Hey bro, I guess you are staying in Jurong as you always bring your family to Jurong Point. I seldom go there even I stay around Lakeside estate. Anyway, very curious about your label "XMM", what does it represent for? Haha!!

kenmoo said...

Yea, i stay very near JP.XMM is my boy nickname for Xiao Moo Moo as I am the Lao Moo (老木)... tot of using MOO junior but too angmoh liao so stick to xmm :P

deSMOnd said...

Oic..I have tried the satay chicken and claypot curry fish head at Al Azhar yesterday. The satay is tender and tasty. But one thing I don't understand is why the seller added sweet sauce on the satay. It makes satay sweet but cannot taste the "original" of the satay. As for curry fish head, it's just an Indian cooked curry. Still prefer the curry fish head (sour taste) selling at one of the stall in a kopi shop along Jurong West Ave 1..Haha!!

kenmoo said...

I believe the "sweet sauce" you mentioned should be honey. Ok la, i quite liked it because the mutton smell is not that strong...hehehe :P Will try out the curry fish head you mentioned in ave 1 soon, It's one of my fav dishes as well.

deSMOnd said...

So, u know which stall I am talking about. It is the kopi shop opposite the mobil petrol station. If you go there alone, you may call me to join you cos I am staying a few bus stops away.

kenmoo said...

do u have the blk nos.? just to make sure. thks

deSMOnd said...

Yes, it is block 496 after Jurong Green CC..

kenmoo said...

cool thanks bro~!!