Megan Fox Is Not Wonderwoman (boohoo)

I Want to Believe in Megan Fox...damnit

(articles extracted from fooyoh)
So it turns out that Megan Fox is not Wonder Woman. Whoever did this must be some photoshop expert because I swear everytime I look at it, its real. Ignore the rumors going around this here internet: Transformers star Megan Fox is not going to be cinema's next Amazon Princess. The image above isn't from some teaser campaign for a previously incredibly well-hidden Wonder Woman movie, but just the latest in a long line of anonymous fan efforts hoping to convince other fans — and maybe a few movie executives as well — that Fox would be perfect in the role. But at least the five-day tease was more elaborate than most.

I hate these elaborate tricks by over enthusiastic fans. They get me all worked up and excited, especially when its Megan Fox as Wonder Woman. Let's just hope Kim Kardashian doesn't get the role.

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