Prawn Noodle @ CSC (opp. Spinelli) part 1

Ok, there's part 2 for the food in this eatery. Here's part 1.
Sorry but i didn't get the actual name of this shop but i think it's called "Big Prawn Noodle" 大虾面 which is newly opened just opposite Spinelli cafe at China Square Central.

Yummy-nots...why? Because i don't see the big prawns despite i ordered the Large portion @ SGD$8!!! Am expecting something special for such a hefty price but what i get is 3 person prawns and noodles in a big bowl?!! Quantity but no quality...sad...

The soup taste is standard taste and has some pork ribs for your savoury but that's not the main focus right?

Here's my yummy-nots verdict:
It's just a decent prawn noodle, i suggest you order the regular portion @ $4
Food: 2.5/5 ( standard prawn noodle lor, no "wow" factor)
Service: 4/5 (quite good cos' they serve it right at your table, not self-service)
Advice (IMHO): i think it's better to show how big or special your prawn is, though i appreciates that they peel the shells and sliced the prawn into half...but you don't really get to taste the sweetness and freshness of the prawn this way, plus, i don't get the "value for money" feeling when ordering the bigger portion. 

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deSMOnd said...

Bro, this prawn noodle shop is actually shifted from the short houses opposite China Square Food Court not more than 2 months ago. The soup is just very normal and nothing special. I will normally go to the noodle shop when I want to stay at CSC a little longer during lunch time. Sometimes, I suspect the shop owner just added water to the soup if there are lots of people during lunch time. If you want to have a nice prawn noodle, you may go to another shop which is located around Boat Quay (facing OCBC or Pidemco Centre). I find that one worth trying and it is cooked by Malaysian. The soup is more tasty..