Score from Hong Kong trip (Nov 2008) - Sideshow Toys- 12inch Indiana Jones

Buy~buy~buy!!! cos' am a blind fan of Indy :P I think till date SG still haven't received this figure yet. Got this from ToyHunter (CTMA) without checking prices elsewhere but no choice I really don't have time to run to and fro the same shops...haiz...(HK$680)
Will try to post more pix when I am free to play with it, so just bear with these snapshots for now.

Box Front
Box Back

Content (open flaps) quite nicely designed. The inner flap even got the movie poster illustrated.

The extra hat with fabric lining is for display purpose only, it can't fit to the extra Indy head given (what a waste) But, the whip is so much better. It's bendable and can create different whipping style...yea~!!

(IMHO) i think SS is the overall winner for this figure (other than the likeness) the proportion, clothes accessories, and reasonable price beats the hell out of medicom version.

Here's the summary in my humble review for comparison between SideShow's and Medicom 12inch Indiana Jones :

Accessories: SS
Paint Job: Medicom (SS paint job is too glossy/oily for my taste)
Likeness: Medicom has better sculpt, SS is not bad but their paint job suckzz...
Box Design: SS
Clothes: SS for more playability and trashing, Medicom version has more quality.
Figure: Medicom (cos' SS figure is very loose, always need to change to a better body like Hottoys true type figure)
Playability: SS
Price: SS definitely


@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

wah you got yours oredi - so envy! have to wait for mine - still not here leh. like you, i also blind indy fan - anything indy and 1/6 scale also must buy ;p

kenmoo said...

yea buy buy buy~!!

desmond said...

Looking forward to have this, the stock will be arriving at Simply Toys next week..Haha!!

Shin said...

Have u tried playing around with the figure? Its supposed to be on the new SS body and not on the old buck body.

kenmoo said...

hi Shin, yup i've played it in Hk after i bought it. The head and the knee caps joint were very loose. But, it might just me being the unlucky ones. Not sure about the others though.