Prawn Noodle Shop @ CSC (opp. Spinelli) part 2

Here's part 2 of this eatery.Why? because it's located at toys collector's favorite spot (China Square Central) and nothing beat a good, cheap kopitiam than the cafe opp. them since market's bad recently :P

Previously, i tried their (招牌菜) Prawn Noodles (yummy-nots) but i decided to give it another go for their other dishes. Surprisingly, their soft-boiled eggs and coffee with milk (kopi aka 咖啡) is sumptuous~!! I think the shop owner needs to rethink and revamp their shop name liao...hahaha

Here's a snapshot of the shop on last Saturday while i was waiting for XMM to get-off class.

The full set shown below cost SGD$3.00.
Other than the coffee and eggs tastes quite nice, i will  avoid the toast bread if i am going there another time. See how well they control the timing and textures of the egg?...The eggs looks damn good or maybe even better than Killiney Kopi (IMHO), i don't even need to break the eggs myself. Another quality service noted.

Their soft-boiled eggs are definitely better than their (招牌菜) prawn noodles manz~!!

I think this owner needs to change their menu or the "leading actors"  soon :P

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