medicom 12inch Indiana Jones (2008)

This character has no other competitors (like Hottoys) to compare so it's so far the best in the present market. Other than the accessories, this new medicom version is slightly better than the version by Toy Mccoy many years ago. It's not 100% likeness of harrison ford but that's medicom standard. The material are quite good except some details are weak and insufficient for a hardcore INDY fans...e.g. can't understand why the jacket cannot zip up? Personally, I still prefer Toy Mccoy materials and accessories but if you don't have a INDY in your collection then this new medicom INDY is a MUST GET. You can also catch a good review of this medicom indiana jones by toyhaven HERE

More photos in my flickr album, click below:


Joshua said...

i thought there was a medicom version?

kenmoo said...

hmm..not that i recall of :P

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

NICE shots Ken :) thanks for the plug