XBOX360 > Gear of War 2 Released Today!!!

Hee-harr~!! Got it today from challenger as soon as i received their mailing list this morning.True to their words, we get it timely as a worldwide release.Very efficient indeed :P This is the limited edition which includes a "making of" DVD, art book, steel DVD case and a gold assault rifle to unlock inside the game...

Sleeve Cover

Back of the Sleeve Cover

Inner Cover
Reveals the Steel DVD Case and a est. A5 size hardcover art book

The DVD case is steel cold (no emboss though) :P

Left instruction manual, on the Right is the Game and DVD disc

a peek at the content of the art book, there's a photos of your comarades, Dominic & Maria, which you can use it as a bookmark :P

overall top view of this edition

Just finished the "making of" DVD of this game. Going to do my trial game play on it now...over and out


Joshua said...

lucky you!

i'm waiting for left 4 dead...

Mizu said...

Congrats Ken! I tried GoW2 at the Xbox showcase at Marina Square, and it's feels pretty much the same as before. I ain't complaining.. I'm gonna be ripping things up with the chainsaw gun. XD

kenmoo said...

@joshua > waiting for the rating for L4D as well, should be out on the 17th.

@mizu > yeah~!!chainsaw is the best for up-close combat.It's glorious to see the enemies being cut up into half :P