Anime Festival Asia 2008 (AFA'08) 23-Nov-2008

I always believe no expectation is better than having belief worked out quite well today and I was quite surprised at the heavy turn-ups and queues even though there's an entrance fee charged. So, it proves there still "hope" for Singapore's own Anime and Toys fans :P Hopefully we will have AFA back in 2009 (thumbs up~~)

Overall, I can't compared this to STCC 2008 because as the theme suggest, it's focus heavily on Anime. I believe it's suffice to satisfied all the Anime fans as the top names/celebrities in Japan Animation Industry were there to support this event.

Bandai has the biggest booth in this show, you can see them as soon you entered the hall.

Impressive and huge gundam on display

Bandai SOC Tetsujin 28 released exclusively in the show?!!~~how to resist??

In the end, i had to hypnotised myself to just buy this single figure set as I've already pre-ordered my Twin pack from my toyshop :(

The medicom booth (by Toys N Toys) was more impressive this time round with more prototype on display. My favorite top-of-the-list is as follows:

NEW 12inch captain harlock (die la, damn $$$~!!)

12inch Dragonball Z - Piccolo

12inch Dragonball Z - Son Goku (Super Saiya version)

and these 2 gorgeous babes la, they were promoting an exclusive AFA's Exclusive "Armoured Core" Model kit. Too bad i don't do models hahaha...

Others includes many toys on clearance sale in which I've already had it in my collection, damnit...a lot of medicom 12inch were selling for only SG$150 manz!!

But not every show is perfect, just a small matter which i must highlight to the organiser :P Kindly have some drinks or snack booth next time, too much walking and googling makes fans, like myself very thirsty and hungry, especially the only drinking vending machine in both halls were all sold out of H2O,  it will be considerate if there's some drink booth next year :P
For more photos of AFA'08, check out my flickr set HERE

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