Xbox360 > Left 4 Dead

Thanks to Joshua headsup, i got this game last night...excellent gameplay and graphics i must say...imagine counterstrike in zombie style. 

This game is not as scary as "Deadspace" but it's more thrilling and action-packed like the movie "28 days later". I loved it when the zombies are fast and check out Joshua detail review of this game at his blog. I would rate this the best zombie game so far...and I've had a good time shooting em' up all day :P
Here's the opening movie of the game:

Here's my youtubed video of the intro gameplay:

Front cover

Back cover


Can see my gamertag on a poster while the game is feature
Yea, i like the old man :P

Your buddies in co-ops


Joshua said...

Congrats on accquiring the game brother!!!

and no need thank....always good to share the joy of GAMING!!!

Joshua said...

thanks for the plug too!