Thanks to brudder PISS-MAN for lenting me this game...(actually he's too coward aka no balls to play this game lah...hahaha) i got a chance to experience it this morning. I loved to play eerie 1st person shooter. It makes my blood boil and perks up my adrenaline...shiok!! ahaha My last eerie experience was "F.E.A.R." but this game really top it on my list. It's now rated 9/10 by gamespot sweet~!!

In DEADSPACE, NO One Can Hear You SCREAM~!!!

The mood and environment (see the smoke?) is damn realistic, noted credits to the sound engineering because every bit of sound in the game makes you jump...or wimp at you knees

I highly recommends that you play in really late hour or in a dark room with the sound at full blast~!! Damn shiok, it's as if you are inside a horror movie (e.g. The ring, Ju-On, shutter...)

This game combines all the fantastic elements of Resident Evil, F.E.A.R. and the horror sci-fi movie "Event Horizon"

Gameplay Trailer

My rating for this game is 5/5, best horror gameplay so far!!

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Joshua said...

awesome review bro!

wanted to do one review for the pc one sometime check out FARCRY 2 ...the collector's edition is very worthwhile