DVD > The Terminator-Ultimate Edition (Jap Version) RARE!!

This is the best DVD catch of today at a very unlikely place.
Japan 2003 copy of "The Terminator"-Ultimate Edition dudes, it's supposed to retail for 3,980 yen (est. SGD$60) in Japan but i got hold of a last copy at my DVD shop for only $14~!! What a catch~!! RAREEe har...hahaha

i simply adore Japanese packaging design, they really throw in a lot of efforts into just the look and cover. It's semi gold and silver plus emboss man..!! Damn chio

The DVD opens 2 fold and uncover 2 dvd within. Very nicely designed i must say

The making is quite "GOOD"as well, considering this movie was made in 1984
The DVD only has Japanese subtitles for the making but it's OK for me, my English is still suffice to understand hahaha. The Movie disc,  however has English and Jap subs...excellent!!

My rating for the movie:
It's a Classic bros 5/5 manz!!
DVD feature and packaging is damn good 5/5.
A collector's item!!

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