Coming next year April'09> Hottoys MMS-80 Iron Man MARK I

This is definitely the MUST-BUY to complete your Mark 2 & 3. Scheduled for release in 2009 April.

I hope the pix below is not what i am getting in the box in order to suit up Mark 1...the parts and accessories are a nightmare to me. Please don't make me do so much work in order to play with the toy :P


deSMOnd said...

Don't worry bro..i m sure HT won't ask you to do so much work in order to play it..Where got such thing one if you paid a premium price for this toy..Haha!!

Little Plastic Man said...

If I am not wrong in Shaun's review of this figure, he said that the armor and figure body are inseparable.
So bro you are in luck!

kenmoo said...

@ little plastic man> damnit...want to save money also can't...lolz