Holiday Eve watched Painted Skin (画皮)

Today's Holiday Eve (Hari Raya Puasa) at 1210am Singapore Time, me and my wife went to catch a new chinese movie "Painted Skin" (画皮) To me, it's really a long and tiring movie, the script is too draggy but the entire production/directing was very good, as good as hollywood except the badly composed music by a japanese (IMHO, that's what Asia movies lacks now, a good script)

This movie is a "love and demon conflict" movie but they have to "Love"overdosed in it's 3/4 of the plot till i wants to sleep. I think after editing most unneccessary/boring part, the movie movie might just run less than 30mins than it's present 103mins. 

I think Leslie Cheung's 1987 A Chinese Ghost Story (倩女幽魂) part 1 & 2 is a better "ghost love" classic during my era. Time to watch these dvds in my collection again, wonder when Hottoys will make Leslie into a M-Icon soon? :P

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