Chogokin 超合金 and Megahouse Panda-Z

Freshly taken with my new Ricoh GX200, using the built in fluorescent lamp setting, let me know what you guys think?
A brief intro of Panda Z was in my previous post, it's a very cute animation done in 2004 and i think not many people saw it. Got the Chogokin Panda Z (b/w) last year with my friend Simon's help, the Red version is by Megahouse which i found it at China Square 2 weeks ago.

Chogokin Panda Z (b/w) is 90% die-cast and has a pearlish color finishing, the driver (Pan-Taron) and some small body parts are not. I considered this pcs value for wallet, nowadays Bandai Soul Of Chogokin (SOC) has hardly good die-cast parts for their new mecha.

The Megahouse Panda Z (red version) is supposed to be an exclusive, but i got a good deal over at NG. All plastic but very strong joints and poseable.

R2 insist on a special appearance, cam-whore~~!! hahaha


deSMOnd said...

Hey bro, the effect made me feel like I am in some part of the Arctic in the evening time. Very cold!! Something new to me!!

Mike Tan said...

Try using a high ISO, give it a bit more grainy. Or you can use photoshop to create the the grainy effect. Try a higher contrast, may look good.

Little Plastic Man said...

I like the effect. Very industrial! I regretted not getting this Chogokin Panda Z. Can't seem to find at good price now.