State of mind (my thought)

A sign (object), depending on your state of mind, can alter your perspective of matters. I took this toilet sign photo in Singapore last month and i thought it was supposed to be funny because of the wrong information it directs. Wanted to post a joke about people should either go to the toilet else you can choose to pee on the floor...but this morning, my perspective changed.

This month's news was all the way "down" till this morning when it's official that we're in recession, it's not that the past few month I am ignorant but more or less i am getting prepared cos' the looks of market isn't really that "bright" as local authorities tried all sort of means to "brighten" up the market while all means of public facilitates are raising prices. I believe that unreasonable price hike leads to a certain indication that the economic structure is declining. I hope i was wrong that time.

This impact will definitely last for min. 1 year or so, and the front line that suffers are the retail industry. It's sort of a chain reaction, when market is gloomy it will affect consumer's spending power. So, are you having 2nd thought when you are buying that next figure/toy?

Now, the sign has a different dictation...I think it's saying the sane can turn right for comfort zone, the depressed can squad on the left. Choose a side. Do you want to keep walking or squad at the same spot? what's does this sign tells you?

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