Sideshow's looking good with their 12inch SW figure next year

I think Sideshow is beginning to understand where's their marketing and product is heading for Starwars. Their new lineup for 12inch Star Wars next year is quite exciting and an excellent jump for medicom SW collectors. Medicom (aka Prada in 1/6) is getting over-rated and overprice nowadays with poor quality. Medicom should really just focus on their anime and manga figures lah (IMHO)Time to jump ship soon unless the economy is picking up next year? Don't want to pay such premium price for a lousy product from them anymore i guess hahahaha

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deSMOnd said...

Wah say!! this piece is swee!! agree what you said..if sideshow can produce such a wonderful 12inch trooper, why not buying this? Why spending so much money for a lousy quality figure? Very happy if Sideshow intends to produce S/W troopers..looking forward..