Carnivore @ Chjimes (Friday, 17 Oct 2008)

Most of the photos turn up quite bad (using my Ricoh) so these are the "survivors" that can make it here. Need to improve my night shots with the Ricoh. Anyway, i think the photos are bad mainly due to the poor service? The various grilled meat are tasteful but their service really sucks. I am definitely not going back again. It's over-rated and overpriced. Should have gone to eat Sze Cha "煮炒" (Chinese food) better...hahaha

side dishes from the buffet

we are all "heroes" to try out this damn place. All yan-dao faces are masked riders in order to protect their true identity~!!
Anyway, kudos to the bros who "bravely" attended this feast with me, you know who you are...hahaha

Mr Pissed-Man & Salty

Wood, Froggy, Hulk & Pissed-Man

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