[Exclusive Interview] *NEW*1/20 scale resin figure kit MAGENTA

My buddy, Sonny has just released his 1st 1/20 scale resin figure and I am proud to share and post an exclusive interview regarding this highly detailed new resin figure.

Here are the exclusive high-res photos and interview.

Character Concept by: Ray Toh
Sculpt by: Sonny Sy

Back Story:
Magenta is a very special teenage girl living in a post-apocalyptic world. Her infant self was found in a time capsule amidst the ruins of an ancient city and no once can say for sure how long she had been there.

The day she turned 17, an old wanderer was found in the desert near her village. In his deathbed he tells Magenta about a mythical device called the "collective". 11 sonic rhythms are needed to activate this device which may hold the key to the planet's future and unlock the mystery of her past.

Kenmoo Exclusive Interview with Sonny

kenmoo: How long was the process from concept till production?
sonny: The initial creation of the magenta concept was very informal. I was working on customizing a Trexi into a mech

I needed a pilot for it and so I showed the mech to my illustrator friend Ray Toh and to get some ideas. The next thing I know he came back with quick sketch for the character we now know as Magenta. That design embodies a lot of the ideas we wanted to show about Magenta's personality and the environment she lives in. I decided to sculpt her and turn her into a resin figure kit.

I started the sculpt a year ago working on it part time. The original design from Ray was probably done another year earlier sometime in late 2008. The last 3 months have been full on production though, to finish the sculpt, source for suppliers and manufacturers and suppliers.

sonny: Magenta is really a seed project, our hopes for this is to develop her universe and bring her adventures across multiple media, ie. comics, toys, animation and maybe even games. But every journey begins with a single step, we had to leverage on what we already know how to do which at the moment is sculpting and kit building - the first step with the least resistance.

kenmoo: What are the technical or problem you faced?
We wanted to bring a highly detailed figure to market and this dictated the final product to be a resin kit as opposed to a finished PVC statuette. Since it's the first time we're doing this, a lot of time went into looking for the right supplier/manufacturer.

sonny: I wanted to ensure that we established a reputation for high quality products but since we're new, our pricing had to be competitive with what's out there in the market. We're detail freaks and Magenta had loads of them making it extremely difficult to cast. Luckily I was able to find somehow who had as much passion for detail who could deliver such a high quality cast.

sonny: We also got involved with a company that manufactured high precision parts for the electronics industry to do our brass etched pieces again, a wonderful bunch of people dedicated to quality.

kenmoo: How limited is the quantity? Is it on a limited stock?
sonny: We want Magenta to reach as big an audience as possible but the nature of resin kit manufacturing limits the quantities that can be made. The current run is limited to 60 sets of which 50 will be available to the public. The masters were also damaged in the process, but we'll find a way to solve this. Since we want to make more available we'll need to find an alternative manufacturer who will be able to produce a larger quantity at the same high standards that the first batch has set, won't be easy but we got to try.

kenmoo: Target Audience?
sonny: Magenta's post apocalyptic world is targeted squarely at the fans of the sci-fi genre. I call them the post apocalyptic helmet/goggle generation (where's magenta's goggles?). The kit itself will probably appeal to a smaller subset of this group - the sci-fi figure kit builders not unlike the fans of Kow Yokoyama's Maschinen Krieger saga. (yes, if all goes well, we'll see a mech soon)

kenmoo: What's the suggested retail price, launch date and where can we find it?
sonny: Retail price will be US$45.95 (SGD$58) before shipping. It will be made available through our online shop at www.o3dminiatures.com but the site is currently under construction and targeted to go online on December the 1st 2010.

In the meantime, she's available for pre-order by sending me an email at orange.3d@gmail.com or send me a message through the blog at http://orange3dplastic.blogspot.com

We will be at the STGCC 2010 on 10 December 2010 at Booth K-12 where you'll be able to see the actual built up figure on display.

Magenta is a highly detailed 1/20 scale resin figure kit that also includes some metal photo-etch parts.
Character Concept by: Ray Toh
Sculpt by: Sonny Sy
Sculpt in progress can be found here:

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Zhu said...

It's really inspiring to see a work of art like this coming from a fellow Singaporean artist! I wish I could sculpt like that too!