Mr. Dean 2008

This a easy kit-bash with Hot Toys 12" CIA commandos GOI figure and Saturday Toys clothes.
Apparently, this headscuplt does resembles a celebrity which is in heaven isn't it? :)
So i've decided to named him, Mr. Dean 2008 reincarnated version.

Mr.Dean is an actor, model and photographer equipped with the latest modern camera

One of Mr. Dean's favorite fashion shots

Mr.Dean in the streets of New York (not London)

the 2007 F word...& Happy New Year 2008

This 2007 has alot of F--k happenings & events around us or in this little island~~!!
For the coming 2008, i hope all my friends leave the bad ones and keep the good ones :)
Most importantly, stay healthy and happy...quoted from my Egypt tour guide,"stay long your are positive, you will be happy"...cheers everyone

Uncle Ng says Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Here's merry christmas shopping to all of you out there.
Don't forget to spend all your money on those toys!!~~ hahaha

NG COLLECTIONS at China Square Central

yea...another victim (simon) buy buy

o ya...uncle ng says merry christmas to everyone as well...he's so happy to earn your money this xmas...hahahaha...remember to bring enough money to shop.

Ng's Collections
18 Cross Street, #02-09
China Square Central
Singapore 048423
Opening hours: 12pm to 8pm daily

Come, take a felucca with me in the Nile River

Free? Come and take the felucca with me and cruise the Nile in Egypt :P
Enjoy the breeze, sunset and the wonderful scenery. (est. 7mins)

Walk like a Egyptian

Below is my holiday short video for 7th Wonders of the world-The Pyramids of Giza.

Not going to post all the egypt photos and video on blogger, so choose your preference & click the link below:-
Flickr online albums:

Youtube Videos:

Cruising the Nile with Kamen Rider

my kamen rider cruising the Nile via my cabin window..background music was actually from the tv playing in the cabin... :P

Cairo Cab Confessions

Was in Egypt for a holiday break recently. After i get home, the 1st "good" news i heard is the sg taxi fare hikes...sigh..anyway, personally if our taxi driver know how to complain and drives like the taxis in Cairo does, I won't mind paying the hikes just to shut their mouth. But now with the hike on-going, i think they will complain even more about the drop of passengers..HAH..what a bunch of craps.

Below is a video on Cairo Cab Confession, enjoy the crap while you can, it's going to be the new conversation in town among the taxis and commuters here for a while.