HOT TOYS--M-ICON SERIES-12"Marlon Brando from "The Wild One" (1953)

HotToys rock~~!!!!! After they announced James Dean for their 1st figure in M-Icon series, this 2nd figure is yet another wonderful surprise for old rebel fans like us....Dudes~!!This is A-MUST-GET~!!! Though clearer photos are not released yet, but the likeness is amazing...i would give it a 80% can even spot his pimples (dimples?).

(scanned pages from EastTouch hk magazine)

Man on left:"please give me your blessing to make you the next 12" in M-Icon"
Godfather:"Kiss my hand and call me godfather, your wish will be granted..."

12inch Indiana Jones by Medicom??!!!

(News extracted from Toyworld HK Forum)
Medicom is going to release 12inch Real Action Hero Indiana Jones & Sean Connery??!!OMG~~!!

サイズ (Height) : 全高約300mm
発売日(Release Date): 2008年8月発売予定 (August 2008)
定価 (Price):17,640円YEN > est. SGD$245.59

Frankly speaking (in my own opinion), i am more interested in HotToys version, if they managed to get this franchise. What do you think?

Pineapple Fried Rice Stall

Saw this food stall outside Jurong Point (ground level) last night.
Initially, i thought the pineapple were just props, but they are REAL!!!~stacks of them..Ok la, maybe some of you have seen it before, I sua-ku (ignorant), will definitely try it out soon.
$5 for a pineapple fried rice, it has to be good!!??? right??!! haha, wait for my field report, over and out :P~~

Patapon (psp)

There's 2 good reason not to buy this's damn irritating & addictive.
Don't buy!!! Don't buy!!! i must now pata pata pata pon (move forward).....pon pon pata pon...(attack), and get this FEVER off my brain.

The Incredible Hulk Trailer

I am actually not a big fan of Hulk comic but i do like the 80s drama series.
Was pretty contented with the Ang Lee (humane & emotionally hulk) version, anyway since we are getting hit with several superheroes movies this summer, will definitely catch this as well.

updated N95 toys wallpaper

Below are toys digirama from my buddy HOCK
He does a lot of fantastic toys digirama. Wonderful for wallpaper. keep it coming buddy :P~~

books i read > Cai Lan: The Market Symphony

Cai Lan > The Market Symphony is actually my own interpretation from the mandarin title. I think it sound better than "Cai Lan goes market shopping" :P

I really hate Cai Lan, really!! (nah, just joking), He's paid to enjoy his work!!!
He actually write about food, chefs and people daily lifes that he encounter around the world.
The book actually felt like he's blogging, but he's paid (alot of $$$) to do it...damn~~i hate to blog!!


Back Cover

an extract of his view on Singapore Food

an extract about vietnam girls

Qing Ming Festival (清明节)

Qing Ming Festival (清明节)
This 9am morning, we went for the tomb sweeping festival.
Actually its a week early than the actual ceremony scheduled by the temple. However, previous past experiences teaches us to had it early rather than actual day (its always crowded).

Below are some quick shots i took with my Nokia N95 8gb
For more photos, please visit my flickr album HERE

Appleseed Ex Machina DVD out now in Singapore

Out in 14th March 2008, my brother bought it from Gramaphone for SGD$24.90.
Overall the show is fantastic as promised, it delivered excellent action sequence, animation and entertainment (not boring at all). The English voice-overs was also a credit, it's more lively and humorous than the original japanese voices.

The bonus disc is real bored though, not much of making or how the production achieve the animation but a bunch of (crap) review on how they perceive japan anime and it's influence's in US. Quite disappointing on the special feature, heard that the HD or Blu-ray version has the same features as well, so guess i will be contented with the dvd version for now.

DVD Cover (nothing unique, in fact it looks like a bootleg cover)
For a 2-disc limited edition and the premium price we are paying for a original dvd, the distributor/ printing dept should hang themselves.

Back Cover


My ratings:
DVD Movie: 4.5/5, excellent!!
DVD packaging: suxz, -1/5
DVD extras & features: suxz, -1/5

Appleseed Ex Machina Rocks!!~~

It's been a long time I've ever enjoyed an anime ACTION movie.
Can't wait for the original dvd to be release.
You will definitely recognize a few familiar action sequence, that's because it's produced by John Woo!! hahaha :)
Hopefully, EVA:01 which is showing in Cathay cinemas this month is as good as this!! (not boring)

Notice for vinyl designer toys collectors~~!!

Terrorist Most Wanted Poster from

Thanks Mike for this wanted poster notice, we will do our citizen part :P

(Article extracted from
In our one and only contribution to national security, brings you a handy guide to help spot Mas Alamak which you can print out and keep inside your wallet, just in case…

Iron Man New Full Trailer

Can't wait, looks like iron man is going to rock the cinema this summer
Iron Man Exclusive Trailer

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Dinner at BENTENDO (Great World City)

This evening, we went to great world city for dinner.
We decided to go ahead with Bentendo, Japanese pasta & cafe, whom a friend recommends and it was featured in an article.

Open Kitchen Concept

The Menu (only 4-5 pages)

page 1 - Japaneses Style

page 2 & 3 - Tomato & White Sauce

page 4 - Garlic Sauce, last page is salads & soup

My wife ordered the Short-neck Clam & Mushroom with Spaghetti in soup

XMM had Bacon & Eggplant with Spaghetti in soup

i ordered Fresh Salmon & Salmon Roe in butter & soy sauce

Overall rating 2/5, the dishes were a bit salty to my liking, maybe it's due to the miso added for Japaneses style spaghetti. Do not expect too much from the menu as well. This restaurant basically just serve spaghetti, that's it. It's good for couples or small group. Not recommended for family with kids as there's no kid's meal. Price starts from est. $12.80 onwards.

toy shops in China Square Central (Singapore)

Some readers have been asking me where is CSC in Singapore? well, here you go.
CSC = China Square Central, the building in the cross junction of cross street & South Bridge Road.

Full address:
China Square Central
18 Cross Street
Singapore 048423

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This building host several variety & faithful toyshop who were previously located at clarke quay. Most of them opens from 11am-7pm daily. Every Sunday 9am-6pm, there will also be 3 levels of flea market stalls.

Below are some snapshots of the toy shops in this building.