kenmoo featured in i-weekly i-周刊 (issue: 615, 13-Aug-2009)

Was caught in a phone interview for i-weekly last week before i left for Bangkok.
Lucky they got my chinese name wrong if not later the loan sharks will come after me :)
It's a supplement copies in this week latest issue which is alongside with the featured upcoming STGCC 2009.
i-weekly cover page
i-weekly kenmoo column
Featured column is in Chinese, here's my own translation in english :P
Column Title: Toys Guru Workshop
"We've found Mr.Kenmoo (toy collectors for more than 10 years) to share his toy collecting experiences"

(1) Collector's Basics
01-Starts from your favorite interest/character, don't buy because you want/have to.
02-Set a budget for your expenses, 12inch toy collectibles are not cheap, price can range from $200
03-Control your urge and temptation, do not spend unnecessary

(2) Collector's Base
China Square Central is the home base for many toy collector's. There's more than 80 toyshop (another typo error here, i only told them more than 80 stall for the flea market not shops) In fact there's about not more than 10 toy shops in CSC. Every sunday flea market in CSC is your best hunting ground for the good stuff/bargains.

(3) Oversea's Buy
Both Japan and Hong Kong is the best place to buy toys. If you want to know more about toy culture, Japan will be the best place to go. Shopping wise Hong Kong is cheaper and they have whatever Japan has and more plus maybe much cheaper.

(4) Before Purchase
Beginner can go to the toy's website and forum to check out more information on the toys you wish to buy. Ask the forum members. in case you are afraid to get KO (knock-off) goods

(5) Differencing Genuine and Knock-Off (KO)
KO's toys are poor in quality and details. For most 12inch toy collectibles, they are mainly hand made individually. Before purchase, try to check whether the paint job/details on the head sculpt and the material is satisfactory.


alex teo said...

wah! sign autograph for me leh CONGRATS!! :)))

kenmoo said...

wah lau..mine's just a column..yours is a full page say sia hahaha...better not give signature wait i scared later you impersonate me wahahaha

desmond said...

Congrats bro!! You are in magazine now!!

Astro Galaxy said...

Enjoy reading the collection tips!