“All Riders VS. Great Shocker” subway AD

(text & source from felix's blog & halcyon realms)

There is a really long KamenRider AD at underground walkway near Shinjuku Marunouchi station to promote their latest film “All Riders VS. Great Shocker”, celebrating a decade run of the latest ( Heisei period ) Kamen Rider series. A whopping total 26 different Riders are set to appear in the film.

You can see the making video below:
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LEon said...

I will go nuts if such poster is being displayed in SG. I wish they were in full colors but that will be too messy as a whole.

Go Go riders!!

Stephenus Prime said...

Rider Love!! If only this is shown in Singapore's MRTS. I'd be sleeping in the stations till they take them down!!

Stephenusprime, Henshin!