NOTICE: My Blogspot IS BACK ONLINE~!! Kudos to brudder Kenny and LEon

Kudos to Kenny and LEon!!
Thanks guys for the information on the SINGNET proxy problem.
My blogspot is finally back to normal. For the benefits of others who has the same problem as mine. Here's the advise given:

- At your firefox/browser goes to Tools > Option then click on "Advance"
- Click on the Network tab
- Under connection click on the button "Settings"
- Select Manual Proxy configuration put in port: 8080
- Restart your browser

So, I will use wordpress as my backup blog in case anything happens again (since it's already all furnished today) But, I am lucky and happy i didn't have to terminate this blogspot...So far so good, all shall resume as per normal :)


Kenny said...

Anytime bro, glad to be of help.

alex teo said...

GREAT to have you back, Ken :)

LEon said...

You are welcome bro. Keep the blog going!! :D

kenmoo said...

thank you all bros~!!